Why Were The ‘1899’ Ships Named Kerberos and Prometheus Named & How Is That Related To The Greek Mythology?

Netlfix’s 1899 has ships named Kerberos, which is the one where European foreigners started their journey to America. While, Prometheus is the one explorers meet on their way, evidently lost four months prior.  Netflix’s most recent sea experience series, 1899, is a brain twisting secret thrill ride mixed with science fiction components. Made by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, the couple behind the German science fiction spine chiller Dull, Netflix’s 1899 debuted on 17 November 2022. Set in 1899, as the show’s title, the German series follows a gathering of European Outsiders venturing out from London to New York City in a steamship named Kerberos. Their process hinders when they experience a boat Prometheus which was lost in the ocean four months prior in the midst of their journey.

The 1899 Boats Kerberos and Prometheus have uncommon names for ships, yet the boats were named such on purpose. They appear to be connected with Greek Folklore too.


1899 Boats are Named Kerberos and Prometheus 1899 boats named Kerberos and Prometheus have charming implications behind them. Kerberos is the boat on which the European foreigners started their journey to America. While, Prometheus is the one voyagers meet on their way, probably lost four months prior.

This is the very thing we realize about the importance behind the boats named thusly.  Significance of 1899 Boat Kerberos The name Kerberos may be a mix of two genuine boats, Cerberus and Kerveros. Both the boats were worked during the 1800s, the course of events show is set in. HMVS (Her Highness’ Victorian Boat) Cerebus was worked as a warship during the 1860s and finished during the 1870s. The boats served in Victoria Maritime Powers, the Region Maritime Powers, and the Imperial Australian Naval force from 1871 to 1924.

For a warship, it was really unused and stayed at Port Philip for as long as its can remember. It was subsequently renamed HMAS Cerebus when oneself administering English settlement joined to frame the District of Australia.

The boat was at that point non-working into the nineteenth 100 years. It was utilized as a watchman boat and ammo store in The Second Great War and was named HMAS Platypus II in 1921.

Ultimately, the boat was sunk deliberately to use as a barrier for a yacht club in 1926 Sandringham Committee.

While the boat Kerveros is a mass transporter worked in 2003 and stays in activity, They are vendor sends normally conveying mass freight.

Kerveros has been around scine 1850s, are essential vehicle for the progression of products around the world.Meaning of 1899 Boat Prometheus  There’s not a great explanation for naming the boat Prometheus, yet the last episode of 1899 has given not many hints.  The show has a sum of eight episodes while, the spots appear to be interfacing in the last episode that everything was a reenactment and the boats Prometheus and Kerberos never truly existed.

Prometheus was the consequence of a reproduction made by Maura (Emily Beecham) and her significant other Daniel (Aneurin Barnard) to keep their perishing child Elliot alive, as in the Kerberos.

Subsequently, the travelers on Prometheus are similar ones from Kerberus yet don’t recall anything.

The name Prometheus connects to a greek god who needs to get through a similar discipline over and over, as in the boat where one reenactment closes following 8 days and another one starts with everybody’s memory reset.

The Boat Names Kerberos and Prometheus are Connected to Greek Folklore Kerberos and Prometheus are names motivated by Greek Folklore characters Cerebrus and a Titan God. The name Kerberos may be a wit of Cerebrus, who in Greek Folklore is a three-headed dog canine claimed by the lord of the hidden world Gehenna. Gehenna’s dog protected the hidden world and ensured everybody sent there stayed forever. It has a snake’s tail, a mane of snakes, and a lion’s hooks. It implies that someone in Kerberos may be observing every one of the exercises occurring in Prometheus and Kerberos and is ensuring the reproduction circle is working so that there’s no way of anyone getting away from it.Kerberos could likewise represent the hidden world, which the travelers from Prometheus continue to awaken to begin their journey, on a large number of circles.

Prometheus in greek folklore is a titan and furthermore the lord of fire. He is otherwise called a brains prankster who tricked the divine beings.Likewise, Martha made a reproduction and deceived each traveler on Kerberos trust the presence of Prometheus. He took fire from the divine beings and gave it to mankind, by which people made human progress. Yet, Prometheus got rebuffed by the divine beings for his cunning. He was bound to a stone and a bird, an image of Zeus, ate his liver, yet it would regrow once more and his discipline went on in an endless loop.

This ceaseless cycle may be addressing the constant reproduction circle on the Netflix show 1899.