“Why would any mother think that this is ok?”: Annie Donovan baby video sparks outrage online


A video of a mother, Annie Donovan, making her 11-month-old child attempt vape is overall generally circled on the web, and has left netizens incensed.

The video was shared on Facebook by Donovan, where she should be visible bringing the vape pen to the child’s mouth. The newborn child breathes in from it prior to hacking and breathing out the smoke as Annie Donovan is heard snickering and saying “It’s so entertaining.”


As the video advanced on the web, virtual entertainment clients who saw it were left irate and asking why any mother would think such a demonstration was alright. Others were thankful that the video was accounted for and considered Annie Donovan a “nauseating wild thing.”

When they saw the video, netizens communicated their resentment about it and detailed the video on Facebook, where it was initially shared. As they denounced Annie Donovan’s activities, a few clients referred to her as “nauseating” and said that the child merits better.

It was accounted for that the newborn child was taken to an emergency clinic subsequent to being given a vape by the mother, Annie Donovan. The update was shared via virtual entertainment by a client named Bonnie-j Dn.

On the post, netizens remarked that while they couldn’t move past the youngster being given a vape, they were happy that the baby was taken to an emergency clinic.

A great deal of data isn’t accessible online about Annie Donovan. Nonetheless, in light of the profile what shared the video, netizens accept that she is a youngster mother. This was affirmed by a video report by 7NewsAdelaide, which likewise showed the video.

Vaping is connected to a few wellbeing dangers and holds the possibility to harm the heart and lungs and can make individuals dependent on it. The Communities for Infectious prevention and Avoidance (CDC) has likewise cautioned that vaping is hurtful to youngsters as their lungs are yet to grow totally.

A new report done on 600 pregnant ladies found that pregnant ladies who vape are bound to endure premature deliveries. The creators of the review referenced that synthetics used to season vapes could cause irritation in the body and harm cells as one likely component behind the ascent in risk.

The video came when the UK’s main clinical official, Sir Chris Whitty, made an interest for a crackdown on marketing techniques, prompting an ascent in kids getting dependent on vape.