“Why would you say that”: ATEEZ’s Yunho subjected to an inappropriate comment, fans call out the double standards

ATINYs, ATEEZ’s being a fan, accept Yunho was exposed to an unseemly remark that might have transformed into a more difficult issue had it been aimed at a female icon.

The occurrence happened during a fancall hung on January 8, 2023. The eight-part bunch as of late gotten back in the saddle with their most memorable single collection, Veer off: FROM THE Observer. As a component of the advancements, individuals met many fans through fan video calls.


In the video call, Twitter client @01_YH323_ remarked on Yunho’s profound slipover outfit. The 23-year-old symbol entertainer looked beguiling in a dim suit and a choker. Notwithstanding, the fan remarked on the symbol’s marginally uncovered chest by saying that they needed to see his face, however their eyes continued to stray to another area.

ATINYs started seething at the way that the remark might have transformed into a debate in the event that the individual on the less than desirable end had been a lady. Many voiced their dissatisfaction at the fan for making improper and fringe s*xual remarks at the ATEEZ part.

Fan video calls turned out to be more standardized in K-pop during the pandemic. As individuals couldn’t see their #1 symbols before them since in-person fan occasions were dropped, amusement organizations proceeded with comparable exercises with online video calls. While some video calls have truly sweet minutes, others can likewise transform into negative encounters.

The new fancall on January 8, 2023, with ATEEZ’s Yunho stunned the being a fan. A clasp by Twitter client @01_YH323_ became a web sensation in the being a fan with over 60.4k perspectives. The fan let the symbol know that it was hard focusing all over in light of the fact that their eyes continued to head off to some place else.

Yunho looked apparently astounded by the remark, with the icon covering his mouth and his slipover subsequent to perusing the remark.

The clasp circulated around the web on Twitter as ATINYs got down on the improper remark and reprimanded the fan for expressing things like this. A few fans referenced how remarks like these ought to remain in the being a fan space and not be said without holding back to the icons.

Also, the greater part opinion was that it was so inappropriate to say that, or anything comparable, to anybody. They talked about how assuming that the jobs were switched, the individual in the fancall would have been immediately scrutinized for provocation.

Investigate a portion of the fans’ remarks with respect to the fancall beneath:

Late updates on ATEEZ
ATEEZ’s new rebound with HALAZIA from the collection SPIN OFF: FROM THE Observer took fans further into the legend. The melody diagrammed in somewhere around 25 locales in the No. 1 situation on iTunes Top Collections outline. It even positioned first on the South Korean music diagram Bugs’ constant graph.

Beside that, the gathering declared an European leg for THE Partnership: BREAK THE WALL World Visit 2023. The HALAZIA gathering will perform at Amsterdam (February 10), Berlin (February 14), Brussels (February 18), London (February 22), Madrid (February 28), Copenhagen (Walk 4), and Paris (Walk 7).