Will Charlize Theron Play Marvel’s Clea In Doctor Strange? Reddit Community Rips Apart The New Movie For Any Spoilers

Clea the Sorceress is an additional a layered element born to a Faltine named Umar, Dormammu’s sister, and Prince Orini, the child of the Dark Dimension’s previous ruler. She revered Dormammu in the comics however later double-crossed him when she experienced Doctor Strange in the Dark Dimension.

Considering that these movies are almost consistently among the biggest blockbusters, Marvel isn’t reluctant about getting prestigious big names to play new or old parts in MCU films, as we’ve learned throughout recent years.


Will Charlize Theron Play Marvel’s Clea In Doctor Strange? Clea, one more impressive sorceress in the Marvel universe, has for some time been reputed to have a section in the MCU.

The enchantment wielder, who has connections to the Dark Dimension and a past with Dormammu, has reemerged in conversations in regards to Doctor Strange 2, this time with Charlize Theron possibly joined to the job.

Theron has been connected to the MCU a few times, yet she has expressed that she has never been drawn closer by Marvel to assume a part.

Having her play Clea would be a characteristic fit given her set of experiences in the comics close by Strange, and regardless of whether she play a critical part in this film, an appearance might prepare for a more significant part from now on.

Notwithstanding, there are additionally bits of gossip that she will play Sue Storm, notable as the Invisible Girl in the Fantastic Four universe. Since Reed Richards is an individual from the Illuminati, there’s a critical likelihood Mister Fantastic’s old flame will likewise show up in the film.

By and by, given the probability that Clea will assume a more unmistakable part in the MCU in the future because of her cozy relationship with Doctor Strange in the comics, Charlize Theron projecting the Sorceress in the approaching film and future Doctor Strange storylines wouldn’t shock.

Specialist Strange Actress and Character Spoilers As indicated by The Hollywood Reporter, Loki would show up in Multiverse of Madness after Loki season 1 finished. Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino, and Owen Wilson’s trick duplicates showed up on the Stunts segment of Multiverse’s IMDB profile soon after.

None of these sightings have been affirmed; nonetheless, we see something that seems to be a TVA time entryway in the secret briefly. Besides, the Loki characters would be generally fit to make sense of the multiverse to Strange.

Another hypothesis is that Patrick Stewart will play Professor X, James McAvoy, or another entertainer, at long last carrying the X-Men into the MCU (officially, in any event). Teacher X will make the Illuminati with Captain Carter, Baldur the Brave, Monica Rambeau, and Mordo, as per a disclosure on Twitter that has since been erased.

This report depends on a Portuguese voice entertainer’s Instagram story and ought to be taken with salt.

Like the Professor X one, this hypothesis depends on supposed spills showing that Ghost Rider will make a speedy appearance that will develop a future film or series. This report is purportedly founded on Tom Cruise nearly trying out for the job of Iron Man; in spite of the fact that it gives off an impression of being the most un-reliable of the part, I’ll happily advance it to you.