“Will roll like a snowball”: The Glory’s Kim Eun-sook reveals what fans can expect from the second season of the hit K-drama

Netflix’s most recent K-show, The Greatness, featuring Tune Hye-kyo, Lee Do-hyun, Jung Ji-in this way, Shin Ye-eun, and Lim Ji-yeon, among others, is acquiring acclaim from fans across the world.

The 16-episode vengeance spine chiller series wrote by screenwriter Kim Eun-sook flaunts fresh composition, heavenly heading, camerawork, and amazing acting exhibitions by the whole cast.


Thus, the expectation for season two, which drops at some point in Spring this year, is high among watchers. During a new response and editorial exceptional episode, The Brilliance’s essayist Kim Eun-sook dished on what fans can anticipate from season two.

Without offering a lot, Kim Eun-sook uncovered that season two will be bigger and better than the first, and everything will “snowball into something bigger.”

“To a limited extent two, every one of the connections that have been woven up to this point will move like a snowball. As it rolls, the snowball will get increasingly big, making it more tomfoolery and cool to watch.”The Brilliance’s essayist Kim Eun-sook uncovers she was propelled by evident occasions

Netflix’s The Greatness dropped its most memorable season on December 30, 2022, and has been acquiring sparkling audits from fans and pundits around the world.

The series follows the tale of Moon Dong-eun, played by Jung Ji-so (more youthful form), and Tune Hye-kyo (grown-up rendition), who is unendingly tormented and tormented by a posse of menaces in school, headed by Park Yeon-jin, played by Shin Ye-eun (more youthful variant) and Lim Ji-yeon (more established form).

Moon Dong-eun exits school because of the torment she faces and commitments herself and her harassers that she will get back to get payback against them. Just about 18 years after the fact, the grown-up Moon Dong-eun gets back to her harassers’ life as a grade teacher to get payback against them.

The Magnificence’s essayist Kim Eun-sook uncovered she was roused by obvious occasions and episodes while writing down the content for the show.

The expert essayist uncovered that she got the thought from her young girl, who is in her sophomore year of secondary school. Kim Eun-sook’s girl posed the expository inquiry –

Despite the fact that Kim Eun-sook was stunned by her little girl’s surprising disclosures, she immediately started writing the content for The Magnificence, in light of the possibility of a casualty’s vengeance against her own culprits.

Many cases in The Magnificence are additionally motivated by genuine episodes. In a stunning scene portrayed in the show, Park Yeon-jin and her followers copy Moon Dong-eun’s arm utilizing a hot hair iron.

The scene was enlivened by a genuine episode where the culprit ‘K’ consumed casualty ‘J’ with a hair iron, caused grave injury marks on the casualty’s chest and bosoms and took all her cash. It was subsequently uncovered that the culprit was captured after the occurrence became visible.

As a component of her broad examination for The Magnificence, Kim Eun-sook addressed numerous casualties of school brutality, attempting to grasp their mind and manners of thinking. Her examination uncovered that survivors of school brutality would need to get payback against their victimizers whenever given a decision.

Kim Eun-sook shared that through the series, she needs to empower casualties of school savagery to begin once again throughout everyday life and move on to bigger and better things.

The Magnificence to get back with a subsequent season in Spring

The primary season finished at a high moment that Park Yeon-jin figured out that Moon Dong-eun’s loft was right inverse her spatial cabin and found photos of the domineering jerk group, suggesting that her vengeance plan was long really taking shape.

The main time of the vengeance thrill ride series has positioned third in Netflix’s non-English class and eighth in the general rankings for Network programs, bragging 25,410,000 hours combined review time simply three days after its delivery.

The subsequent season will return at some point in Walk 2023, and fans are as of now expecting its return.