Wisconsin boy, 14, accused of shooting girlfriend in the head over breakup


A 14-year-old Wisconsin kid supposedly shot his better half no less than multiple times in the head after she had a go at saying a final farewell to him. The young lady, recognized by family as 14-year-old Jazlene Jones, is phenomenally expected to endure the shooting.

Elia Olson, of Racine, was charged Tuesday as a grown-up for endeavored murder and ownership of a hazardous weapon, as per a criminal objection got by Racine Province Eye. Whenever sentenced, Elia could spend the following 60 years in jail.


On Sunday not long before early afternoon, the couple had strolled down the railroad tracks in the city, around 25 miles south of Milwaukee, to smoke, Jazlene told specialists. After she told Elia she needed to cut off the friendship, he supposedly requested her to switch off her telephone before he threw it to the side and pointed a white gun at her head and discharged a single shot.

Jazlene asked for her life, yet Elia purportedly told the young lady something with the impact of “You need to die.” He shot her one more a few additional times prior to taking off. Regardless of her wounds, Jazlene brought off running and waved to a driver close to the scene.

The young lady was taken to the emergency clinic with three discharge wounds in her mind. One of the slugs entered through her left cheekbone and held up in her neck near her carotid vein, court records state. Stay aware of the present most significant news Keep awake on the exceptionally most recent with Night Update. At the clinic, Jazlene was apparently intelligent and recognized Elia as the individual who shot her.

Jazlene’s family said she went through significant medical procedure and has a few additional methods booked, yet is supposed to make due. “At 14 years of age, this child will presently need to carry on with everyday routine through one eye and experience with projectiles in her neck and head,” the family said on a GoFundMe page.

“Taking into account Jazlene’s condition/circumstance, she is feeling great and is a mobile wonder. Her family values all the adoration, petitions and backing that everybody has given. She has a drawn out, difficult experience to recuperation with life changing wounds.” Elia supposedly confessed to shooting his better half “angrily over a Snapchat post and (a proposed) separation,” Fox 6 revealed.