Wisconsin ‘UFO sightings’ may have been local Christmas lights show


Bizarre brilliant lights found in the Wisconsin sky recently that were guessed by some to be unidentified flying items might have been just bright lights from a home well known for its yearly Christmas lights show.

The basic clarification into the strange lights over farmland close to West Twist and Fredonia in the Badger State was shared Tuesday night by prestigious UFO agent Mick West.


West, who was dubious of the gab that the lights overhead were UFOs, directed his own examination to reveal his own insight into their baffling beginnings.

Utilizing estimated areas of two observers, he confirmed that the lights might have radiated from Belgium, Wisconsin — around 40 miles north of downtown Milwaukee.

He messaged Belgium’s Office of Trade getting some information about the lights and was informed that there was, as a matter of fact, a locally popular Christmas lights show on District Street B “that had quite recently added a few bright lights this year,” West said in a clasp presented on YouTube.

West discovered that the light show was controlled by the Flanders family, who affirmed to him that they had added six moving bright lights to the display this year and sent him a video.

“Their bright lights are on the rooftop line and they slant down towards the area of one of the recordings so it’s essentially an ideal pair,” West said.

“Along these lines, case tackled,” he closed. “Not UFOs, simply a few bright lights — a great little examination. Be that as it may, the genuine riddle here is the reason individuals figured it could have been anything more.”

However, previous FBI specialist Ben Hansen, who additionally has Discovery+ show “UFO Witness,” was less persuaded of West’s decision.

“I regard you @mickwest however this doesn’t make any sense. The Flanders Christmas show is 12.5 miles from our observers. The family let us know they utilize 380W DMX party lights (DJ stage lights). This video is the house recorded from 2 miles. Do we truly need to return 10 additional miles?” He tweeted with a video that shows the bright lights in the night sky.