Wise County Missing: Who is Athena Presley Monroe Strand? How we lost the child? Explained

Athena Presley Monroe Strand, 7, has been absent since she left her Shrewd Province home on the night of Nov. 30. A huge hunt is right now being led for her. We should see Who is Athena Presley Monroe Strand and how we lost the youngster exhaustively.

Who is Athena Presley Monroe Strand?  Athena Presley Missing case: Made sense of  Texas’ WISE Area (CBSDFW.COM) — Athena Presley Monroe Strand, 7, who evaporated from her Shrewd Region home on the night of Nov. 30 is the subject of a broad hunt.

Around 150 workers and many policing are scanning Strand’s neighborhood for the young lady. They began chipping away at Wednesday night and didn’t stop until Thursday. “Check out at the size of the group. We really want to depend on one another for this since we are over here together, paying little mind to what we are going through. We are mothers “said Chasity Allerkamp, a worker.

They at first took a gander at a six-section of land region encompassing Strand’s home. Notwithstanding, it has now been widened to remember Post Worth cops for foot and ponies, the FBI, and the Texas Branch of Public Wellbeing. Furthermore, a few K-9 units, heat-chasing drones, and ATVs were utilized.

What has been going on with Athena?  Just toward the west of Cottondale, nearby the 200 block of Area Street 3573, Strand was last noticed. She was wearing boots, pants, and a checkered coat. Soon after 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, her stepmother called the sheriff’s office to report her missing. The next evening, Strand was the subject of a Golden Alarm.

The kid’s dad wasn’t at home, as per the sheriff’s office, and there was a battle among Strand and her mom. They added that there is no sign of unfairness and that Strand probably escaped. Specialists are not, in any case, saying that somebody grabbed her.

Shrewd District Sheriff Path Associated expressed, “We’re taking a gander at everything from a criminal perspective or simply a missing kid point of view so we won’t leave anything unturned and we won’t put the blinders on by the same token.” “There are numerous potential outcomes, and we are thinking about them all,” the speaker said.

The fact that worries policemen makes the cool temperature another variable. Anybody with data on Strand’s location is approached to consider the Savvy Province Sheriff’s Office at 940-627-5971.

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