With “Jejely” Sean Dampte brings new experience


As yet relaxing in the happiness of his past works, Nigerian-UK-based Afro-combination artiste, Sean Dampte in another single named “Jejely” delivers a totally unique encounter from the range of sounds that make up his discography.

His deliberate decision to be a remarkable artiste was additionally featured in this new group of work, as certain components of the South African sound, Amapiano, appear without precedent for Sean Dampte’s melodic dish.


A portion of the well known tunes in the task make certain to turn into a way of life similarly as they will undoubtedly turn into an enduring song of devotion in half a month.

Rumored for his talent for good music, which is dependably unadulterated and served in its most normal setting, Sean Dampte created each line of this new assemblage of work with such a lot of smooth that it permits his straightforwardness to be passed close by the message.

“The energies from the record, almost certainly, will keep on bursting brilliantly through various social centers, while the beat keeps on staying true to its obligation of never cutting to the chase of commotion making. A the entire season show-stopper, Jejely is sure to stay on a recurrent mode, as it is ready to take the artiste fans and music sweethearts the same through the leftover days of this current year and into the following year, and the years ahead,” his administration says.