Wizkid: We’re Kicking Old Men Out of Power Next Year

Nigerian music genius, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun prominently known as Wizkid, says the time has come to resign old government officials from legislative issues.

He said that he will be more engaged with the 2023 general decisions than ever during past races.


Wizkid, who talked in a meeting with Gatekeeper, said the Nigerian electorates will remove old legislators from power one year from now.

He further proposed that they need to resign as well as go to an elderly individuals’ home to unwind and use whatever is left of their years.

“I’m going to go off the deep end on their a**es this political decision. This multitude of elderly people men are leaving power this time. They need to go to an elderly folks individuals’ home and relax,” he said, referring to the impending official political decision.

The Ojuelegba singer likewise uncovered that he is one of the people who feel unfit to praise the country’s October first freedom day because of government’s disappointment and bad form.

“All in all nothing remains to be commended, then again, actually [Nigerians] are astonishing individuals in music, sports, parody – diversion overall. I’m glad for youthful Nigerians getting things done all over the planet in tech. I have astonishing companions, doing astounding things. However, that is all there is to it. There’s nothing else,” he added.

Regardless of the nation’s current circumstance, Wizkid communicated hopefulness, saying he actually has “big expectations” for Nigeria.

“I feel confident there’ll be change. How soon? I don’t know. In any case, a ton has changed from growing up to now. Sometime in the past you would never address the president or anybody in government like that. In any case, presently you have a voice.”

On making political music later on like his two biggest melodic impacts, Bounce Marley and Fela Kuti, Wizkid said he will not do any political/fight music.