Woman, 21, claims she was having ‘dream’ when she stabbed ex-boyfriend 19 times: docs


A Wisconsin lady with a background marked by misuse guaranteed she was having a “fantasy” when she wounded her resting ex multiple times last month, court records show.

Morgan Lund, 21, argued not blameworthy to the Feb. 18 cutting by reason of mental infection or imperfection on Monday.


Police showed up to the couple’s Oshkosh home not long before 8 a.m. to find a crying Lund shrouded in blood and applying strain to the casualty’s injuries, as per the criminal protest against her.

Lund told cops she “thought she saw something” when she went after her unidentified ex — whom she imparts a youngster to and as of late said a final farewell to — and was stressed there was “a major issue with my head.”

The youthful mother guaranteed she awakened around 6:30 a.m. furthermore, brought the child into the lounge room — where her ex was dozing on the love seat — so the kid could play in the playpen before she got back to bed.

“She had a jumbled memory of something that could have been a fantasy, or her creative mind, however she thought [victim] was shouting at their little girl,” the court reports state.

Lund told cops she then, at that point, saw a dull, non-human “figure” — a peculiarity she’s been fantasizing for a very long time — begin going after her ex, as indicated by the protest.

Winnebago Province Sheriff’s Office She supposedly gotten some scissors and started “attempting to kill” the figure, however was, in actuality, going after her ex.

The casualty told cops he awakened to Lund going after him and had the option to fend her off.

Lund then, at that point “expressed that she didn’t have any idea what was occurring, she had a fantasy,” as per the objection. He inquired as to whether she could go get him a towel and she then “expressed something about, ‘I would rather not lose care.'”

The man accepted he planned to die from the 19 cut injuries across his back, shoulders, chest, face and hands, as indicated by the recording. The wounding was not whenever Lund first was brutal with him all through their three-year relationship, he asserted.

“[The victim] expressed that all through their relationship Morgan was extremely harmful, hitting him on a few events. He revealed that they continually battle and contend,” the court docs note.

“He expressed they contend consistently, yet [he] closes the contention down since he would rather not be associated with her any longer. She has compromised him previously, however has never taken steps to kill him to the extent that he knows.”

A mental assessment was requested for Lund, who is being hung on $250,000 bond on a charge of endeavored first-degree deliberate murder. The following trial for the situation is set for April 13.