Woman stabbed 100 times, beheaded by drunk boyfriend after refusing to have sex with him


An Alabama lady was wounded north of 100 times and beheaded by her sweetheart after she wouldn’t engage in sexual relations with him, as per police.

Justin Fields, 38, is accused of killing 52-year-old Tammy Bailey after he got power outage tanked commending his birthday, police told Al.com.


At the point when police found Bailey, her head was found lying by her feet and one of her arms had been cut off, Blount Province Sheriff Mark Moon said.

The couple had gone out to a few neighborhood bars on Friday night to observe Fields’ birthday before they got back to Bailey’s home where the two lived respectively.

At the point when they got back, Fields drank a glass of liquor and was playing guitar in his room when he concluded he needed to engage in sexual relations, Moon said. He went into Bailey’s room and asked her.

“She declined him,” Moon said, “and, as per his assertion, it baffled him, and he wounded her in the chest.”

After he supposedly wounded her, Fields let agents know that he passed out and nodded off. At the point when he got up Saturday morning and saw her horrendous body, he assumed he was having a bad dream and cut her north of 100 times with the eight-inch edge.

“We’re almost certain she was dead on the primary blow,” Moon said. “At the point when he returned in there the following day, she had not moved.”

Fields called his dad in a frenzy and let him know that he “had accomplished something terrible” and needed to commit suicide. The dad then called one of Bailey’s family members who lives close by.

At the point when she went to the house, Fields wouldn’t let her inside, telling her “what’s inside is horrendous and she would rather not see it,” Moon said. She then called 911.

Police showed up at the home around 5:30 p.m. on Friday. Fields was sitting external on the front advances and let a representative know that he had accomplished something terrible and that all the proof was inside.

The delegate, careful about Fields’ dismal remarks, let him know that he planned to place him in binds for both their wellbeing. “That is Completely fine. You will capture me in any case,” Fields told the representative, Moon said.

When reinforcement showed up, two appointees entered the home and tracked down the horrifying scene. Fields has no criminal history. It’s obscure in the event that he has any set of experiences of psychological maladjustment, as per police. He’s been evaluated two times by agents since he was confined.

“He owned up to my agent all that he’d done so he was sufficiently steady to understand what he was doing,” Moon said. “He was baffled since he didn’t get what he needed.”

The officials who answered the home have been battling to adapt to the experience. “Clearly it was quite unforgiving with them since they’ve encountered nothing like that,” the sheriff said.

Fields was arrested at the scene and booked in the Blount Region Prison on Sunday. He’s accused of homicide and maltreatment of a body, prison records show.