Women Call Out Goblin Guy Leon on Hinge – What is Goblinbombing?


An individual called the “Troll Guy Leon” has turned into a web sensation via web-based media after he endeavored to date each and every lady in New York City. He utilized the dating application considered Hinge where he met the ladies and dated them.

A gathering of ladies has met up on TikTok to talk about him as everybody gets stunned to discover that they dated a similar individual who later undermined them.


We should discover more with regards to this new person who keeps “goblinbombing” them. Troll Guy Leon On Hinge: What Did He Do? Troll Guy Leon is an individual dwelling in New York City.

Additionally, he has been utilizing the dating stage, Hinge to get ladies and later “besieged” them without saying anything. Leon, who has been portrayed as a frightening person tracks down ladies on Hinge, invests some energy, and passes on them to rehash the cycle.

A few ladies have assembled on TikTok to discuss him and caution each and every young lady in New York City about the frightening person. As the individual has notoriously circulated around the web on the web, one should say ladies on TikTok have effectively figured out how to caution others.

What Is Goblinbombing? Metropolitan Dictionary Meaning Explained “Goblinbombing” is a term utilized by ladies on TikTok as they portrayed Goblin Guy Leon’s activities.

The term just means how the frightening person from Hinge dated them and didn’t get back to them. It is web-based media shoptalk which is as of late imagined after the Goblin Guy got popular.

Nonetheless, the term is presently not accessible on Urban Dictionary right now. Troll Guy Leon Age: Find Him On Instagram Troll Guy Leon’s age or birthday is inaccessible until further notice. His genuine name is by all accounts Leon.

As the individual has stayed under the radar, we are thinking that it is very hard to separate more data about him. We will inform you as to whether anything springs up.

Besides, Goblin Guy’s Instagram account is likewise inaccessible. Notwithstanding, a Twitter account named “Leon” has posted the report about the Goblin Guy Leon. Many presume him to be the person however we don’t have any affirmation as of recently. More realities on the Goblin Guy from Hinge will be refreshed.