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Who is Xavier Novell? The diocesan of Solsona stood out as truly newsworthy after he left the congregation to be with his better half, who is additionally a sensual author. The acquiescence has started banter among numerous Catholics who were stunned with regards to his choice that turned out poorly with his religion.

Xavier is the most youthful minister of Spain, who was named 10 years prior when he was in his mid forties. Novell gruffly talked about his traditionalist outlook when working for the congregation that wasn’t taken excessively well by people in general.

Xavier Novell is 52 years of age old enough. He was born on 20 April 1969 in Osso de Sio, a little town in Spain. Novell was a strict individual since the beginning and was appointed as a minister when he was 28 years of age.

The diocesan’s shift in perspective has been stunning to numerous strict individuals as he has given over twenty years of his time serving God and assisting others with their religion. Xavier Novell doesn’t have his own Wikipedia page yet.

The previous minister was appointed as a cleric on 6 July 1997 and stayed in that situation until third November 2010, when he was selected as the Bishop of Solsona. He turned into the most youthful priest to be delegated in Spain at 41 years of age and turned out to be quite popular for it.

Novell recently was known to help change treatment for gay and did an expulsion. The cleric was likewise against early termination and guaranteed it as murder. In spite of his moderate nature, the previous diocesan distributed his renunciation on August 23, saying he has discovered the lady of his life and god needs him to settle down and have a family.

Xavier is currently set to move to Barcelona, where he is looking for a task as an agronomist and living with his author accomplice. Xavier doesn’t have a spouse since he was a priest and must be an abstinent forever.

Yet, the entirety of that has changed after he experienced passionate feelings for Silvia Caballol, a suggestive satanist essayist. The previous priest will deliver himself from his promise of abstinence prior to getting hitched to his better half.

The couple is right now dwelling in Manresa, which is only 50 km away from Solsona. Caballo is a separated from lady and has two youngsters from her previous spouse.

Xavier doesn’t appear to have an Instagram account since he was a cleric who went without online media. Yet, he was popular for his contention with respect to homosexuality and the Catalonian church.

The previous Bishop once more turned into an analysis for his abdication, which came as an astonishment to a large portion of individuals who know him. Xavier likewise expressed that he considered leaving the congregation when he was a youngster and succumbed to a 18-year-old young lady, however that choice didn’t come through.