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Yahya Pallavicini is the leader of the Italian COREIS, which is an Islamic Religious Community. How about we investigate him on the Wikipedia page.

Yahya Pallavicini is the imam of the al-Wahid Mosque in Milan, where he arranges the preparation of imams in Italy.


He was the lead creator of the 2007 open letter A Common Word Between Us and You, sent by 138 Islamic figures to heads of Christian temples all over.

He has effectively teamed up, starting around 1997, with ISESCO, Islamic Organization for Education, Science, and Culture. The most lofty Institution of 54 Islamic States, with base camp in Rabat in the Kingdom of Morocco.

In 2018, the leader of the Republic of Indonesia welcomes 50 worldwide Muslim researchers to take part in the primary meeting of Wasatiyyah, the regulation of Islamic control.

Yahya Pallavicini Wikipedia: Who Is He? Yahya Pallavicini has been included on the Wikipedia page. He is an Imam and the Vice leader of the Comunita Religiosa Islamica Italiana COREIS, the Islamic confidence local area in Italy.

It is one of the vital associations of institutional portrayal of the Islamic religion in Italy, with an employment for religious preparation, ecumenism, and intercultural schooling.

In 2004, he was welcome to the yearly gathering between European strict forerunners in Brussels by the Presidents of the European Commission, Prodi, and Barroso. It was by the Presidents of the European parliament, Pottering, and Tajani.

He turns into an individual from the ECRL European Council of Religious Leaders in 2010. In the year 2005, he was selected individual from the Council for Italian Islam by the Ministry of Interior of the Italian Government with whom he keeps on completing the job of Muslim guide.

Yahya Pallavicini Age: How Old Is He? Yahya Pallavicini is 57 years of age starting around 2022. He was born in the year 1965 however didn’t uncover his definite date of birth to the overall population.

He is a significant character in the strict existence of Italian Muslims as well as in European relations with the Muslim world.

In 2006, he meets in Istanbul with HRH Prince Ghazi receptacle Muhammad canister Talal of the Hashemite regal place of Jordan to help the message of Amman. Takes part among the 138 Muslim worldwide researchers in the A Common World drive at acommonword.com, a significant report of discourse among Christians and Muslims.

Since the foundation in Vienna in 2012, he has teamed up with KAICID, King Abdullah canister Abdulaziz International Center for the Interreligious and Intercultural Dialog.

Yahya Pallavicini Family And Ethnicity Yahya Pallavicini was raised by his folks. His dad was the late Abd Al-Wahid Pallavicini, the prominent evangelist and top of the Ahamadiyyah Idrissiyyah Shadhiliyyah brotherhood in Italy.

Notwithstanding, he didn’t uncover a lot of data about his family foundation and nationality. Not at all like other celebrities, he got his family ancestry far from the spotlight.

Yahya Pallavicini Net Worth: How Much He Earns? Yahya Pallavicini assessed total assets should be more than millions. In any case, he didn’t uncover his typical compensation and pay. He is one of the famous strict characters whose essential kind of revenue comes from that point.