Yanni Panagiotakis and Wife Dina Panagiotakis Today – Do They Have Any Daughters?


Yanni Panagiotakis, the spouse of Dina Panagiotakis, was charged for hitting his 13-year-old girl in 2005.

Yanni is the proprietor of Anthes Family Café. He and Dina were the challenger on the ABC unscripted TV drama Spouse Trade. Other than this, Yanni fostered his profession from a little eatery to progress fully backed up by his better half, Dina.


Yanni Panagiotakis Spouse, Dina Panagiotakis Today Dina Panagiotakis is the spouse of Yanni Panagiotakis, who is presently taking care of her work in Athens Family Eatery.

Name Yanni Panagiotakis
Age 50s
Born 1960s
Wife Dina Panagiotakis
Daughter Katerina
Son Angelo
Occupation Restaurant Owner
Known For Wife Swap
Nationality American
Raised Crete

Already, she was important for the unscripted TV drama Spouse Trade. The couple introduced the eatery and named Anthes the pride of their legacy.

Dina is a Greek-American, and Yanni was born in Crete. So the couple named the eatery in regard of their new house on the Anthes of the south.

Dina and Yanni had hitched for over 15 years while shooting the series. Dina was offered the new open door in mid-Janurary by the makers of the ABC unscripted TV drama Spouse Trade. The show shared the two families’ accounts of various strict foundations and exchanged them for ten days.

The Trade Spouse debuted on September 26, 2004. The creation organization was RDF Media. The shoe was connected with the two unique families’ spouses trading their lives for a very long time. In multi week, they went through a time on earth of a receiving family and the later compelled to carry on with their way of life.

John Schwab and Brian lee are the storytellers, and Robert Robinson is the beast tracker in the truth program.

The other part is Rick Broider, Melod Broider, Hallmark, Jodu Spolanksy, Christie Dough puncher, Amy Beaver, Lynn Bradley, Roz Bailey, Lynn Smith, Paula Downs, Michelle Pyke, Talia Smith, and that’s just the beginning.

Beforehand, Joke artist Joe Piscopo showed up on Trade Spouse with his colleague and sweetheart Jessica Nasoof in 2014.

Do Yanni Panagiotakis and Dina Panagiotakis Have Any Little girls? Yanni had two youngsters, including a little girl Katerina and a child Angelo. In 2005, Yanni struck his girl after their conversation in his vehicle. The young lady was struck multiple times in front of her, as per Metro Police.

In any case, the scene later different, and the camera group was in the following vehicle during the occurrence. Accordingly, the Panagiotakis family wanted to make a move against such control against ABC.

He was under nine-month probation by The Tennessee Branch of Youngsters’ Administrations. Afterward, the contender was requested to join 16 indignation the executives courses after the episode.

Following nine months, the occurrence had been eradicated from his records. During the shooting, Yanni and Dina shouldn’t converse with or reach them. Notwithstanding, Yanni found his little girl assisting his better half with cheating.

The police report referenced Yanni slapped his little girl for not wearing a coat. His girl was simply back from the medical clinic and had been related to bronchitis. Subsequently, she should cover and wear garments as per the specialist’s idea.

Yanni requested that Katerina wear a Coat a few times, however she neglected to take a coat while going out. He had zero control over his resentment; he backslapped her into the vehicle. He pulled the vehicle when he saw her little girl dying.

Subsequently, the camera group conceded her to the clinic. Dina and Yanni referenced their little girl had a little scratch and dealing with the café the following day. Katerina is right now 30 years of age, and her brother Angelo is 27.

What has been going on with Yanni Panagiotakis? Yanni had been accused of a claim in the wake of hitting his girl during the show.

During the shot, Yanni was accused of homegrown attack after the camera highlighted the wounds on his little girl’s face. He drove his little girl and child to a companion’s home, and later TV team seen wounds in the young lady’s nose. Yanni was taken to care on Tuesday night in his home and liberated for a $1000 charge on Wednesday.

After the episode with their little girl, Panagiotakis’ family legal counselor, Bryan Lewis, requested a duplicate of the agreement Yanni and Dina’s agreement. Lewis referenced ABC disregarded its own standards in the wake of setting improper ladies in the house.

A few FAQs Where could Yanni Panagiotakis’ significant other Dina Panagiotakis today be? Yanni Panagiotakis’ significant other Dina Panagiotakis is working in her eatery. Who is Yanni Panagiotakis’ little girl? Katerina is the little girl of Yanni Panagiotakis.