“You Are Going Down” Halima Abubakar’s Family Calls Out Apostle Suleman As Actress Gets Bedridden

As Nollywood entertainer Halima Abubakar becomes laid up, her family has reached pastor Missionary Johnson Suleman. The supposed fight between the entertainer and the priest has been generally promoted. The entertainer has hauled the minister and her senior partner, Shan George, since her re-visitation of Instagram after weeks away.

She likewise attacked Shan George, whom she guaranteed was working inseparably with Messenger Suleiman to conceal websites and make her a liar, taking steps to uncover more mysteries via online entertainment on the off chance that anybody attempted to menace her with superfluous messages.


Halima uncovered how she met the exceptionally venerated clergyman of God, guaranteeing she met him as an isolated financial specialist with three youngsters, because of a her savage for being involved with a wedded man and endeavoring to acquire compassion from others.

Halima took to Instagram to emphasize that she had no clue he was hitched when they dated. Their undertaking happened quite a while back, as indicated by her.

Halima shared more screen captures to back up her cases, disproving cynics.

Halima remarked on how she had been covering him for a really long time, and presently he needed to play with her.

She cautioned him to quit meddling with her in the wake of asserting that the minister sought after her for a considerable length of time.

“I pursued for quite a long time to fill in for you. Would you like to play, Na? You utilized a half year to seek after me. You definitely realize I have everything.

Try not to screw with me. “Experienced liars.”
As per another update, the entertainer is laid up.

Her family took to her Instagram story to caution the pastor not to move toward her.

Her family additionally compromised him that assuming anything happened to the entertainer, he will go down.

“Imodu Johnson Suleman.” You’re going down assuming anything happens to our sister.”