You Are Not A Man Of The House If You Can’t Offer Your Wife N500K — Us-Based Businessman Francis Van-lare

Francis Van-Lare, a Nigerian residing in the US, examines the meaning of the title of man in charge, which he interfaces with having the option to bear the cost of a monetary reward of N500,000 to one’s significant other.

Amara Gift Nwosu, the finance manager who once made news for his bombed union with a conspicuous relationship essayist, has uncovered his recommendation on the most proficient method to be an appealing life partner.

Francis Van-Lare guaranteed in a post on his Facebook page that a man should have the option to give N500K at a time to his significant other to be qualified for the title of head.

“YOU ARE NOT A MAN In charge In the event that YOUR Lady ASKS YOU N500K AND YOU DON’T HAVE IT. MEN Should BE THE Point of support NOT THE Cushion,” HE Composed.

Elsewhere in the world, Falz, a Nigerian craftsman, rapper, and dissident, has promised to keep honoring the people who died during the EndSARS rally.

Falz made a lifetime guarantee on his Instagram profile to pay tribute to the 2-year memory.

The rapper swore that the legends won’t ever be embarrassed by a ratty endeavor to crush their inheritance.

The dissident vowed to recall and honor their unparalleled boldness until the cows come home.

“WE Won’t ever Permit OUR Legends TO BE Slighted WITH A Decrepit Endeavor TO Delete THEIR Heritage.

WE WILL Constantly Recall and HONOR THEIR Unparalleled Fortitude TILL THE Final gasp. TODAY, TOMORROW, Until the end of time”.

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