“You Just Got Krissed” TikTok With Kris Jenner Meme and Urban Dictionary Meaning

The video You Just Got Krissed, Kichi Ga Cha with Kris Jenner moving is currently creating a ruckus on the web. While certain individuals are making recordings in the sound, others are confounded by the rhymes’ importance and significance.

So read on to study the frenzy and where it came from.


“You Just Got Krissed” TikTok With Kris Jenner Meme And Its Urban Dictionary Meaning A TikTok shoptalk, “You Just Got Krissed”, with Kris Jenner video is at present moving on TikTok. The specific importance of the word Krissed in Urban Dictionary is “Fresh”, “awesome”, or “ideal”, in any case, the word implies different in the video.

Kris Jenner’s short altered moving video with sound, Kichi Ga Cha has gotten a ton of preferences and remarks, however what’s the significance here to be krissed?

Krissed, in view of the recordings transferred such a long ways by individuals, suggests being tricked or tricked. The pattern started with some astounding news about a VIP or something different breathtaking and afterward came the Kris video of hitting the dance floor with you just got krissed verses, it was fake to suggest that the news.

The news normally stuns each client who had watched the main half, and when they continue on toward the last part, they communicated their disappointment on the web.

A few extra individuals have made recordings professing to have been krissed many times in a solitary day.

I accept we have gotten up the misconception free from a great many TikTok clients who were confounded by the most recent “krissed” pattern and needed to understand what it implied.

A portion of the famous clasps are, @slayflopera posted a video with a composed inscription “Kendall Jenner affirmed her pregnancy by posting a screen capture of her Instagram post. “You’ve been Krissed.”

Be that as it may, there is no such information in the sensationalist newspapers. It’s most probable a silly trick or a joke to mess with.

Another is that Kourtney and Travis are parting just seven days after their wedding. Also, next is Milley brown got pregnnant.

Since this news is all phony we infer that the significance of Krissed is being tricked or deceived.

“You Just Got Krissed” Origin From? A Popular TikTok pattern, “You Just Got Krissed” could have started after certain clients on TikTok made a video, and others appear to have pursued the direction.

Since each and every video on TikTok is altered with “You Just Got Krissed” toward the end, we couldn’t decide the tune’s precise beginning. Be that as it may, we hypothesize everything started with the Kardashians family.

There are a few images and recordings connected with Kardashinss in this pattern on TikTok. Kendal Jenner isn’t invulnerable to the image possibly; somebody made a clasp portraying Kendal Jenner as pregnant.

Everybody succumbs to their stunt since they initially alter a post to cause it to show up as an authority Instagram post of a big name. Kylie Jenner getting into a fight is another entertaining one.

You can likewise investigate the recordings connected with this tune via looking “Krissed” on your TikTok search bar.

What Does “Just Got Krissed mean? “Just Got Krissed” on TikTok implies just got tricked or hoodwinked. It is presently moving via web-based entertainment. You can likewise be a piece of the pattern by transferring your content.

You don’t have to follow through with a difficult job, yet on the off chance that you can alter an engaging and charming story it will be more enjoyable.

What’s more, if not, you can make a video in which you say you’ve been followed many times. Or on the other hand that if getting Krissed was a game, you’d have gotten every one of the decorations at this point, and incorporate a gif of the kid holding an award.