“You will always be famous”: Rebecca Black drives fans wild with savage roast of Andrew Tate’s rap song

Rebecca Dark, the 25-year-old vocalist who was mercilessly savaged for her presentation tune ‘Friday’ back in 2011, took to Twitter on January 6, to taunt Andrew Tate for his rap melody ‘Friendly benefactor’. Dark composed:

Dark’s tweet was a statement tweet to a client @Nezzzooo’s post, where they shared a short clasp from Tate’s music video and composed that the powerhouse ought to have been captured for delivering the melody.


Fans went on a free for all to laud the vocalist for her savage diss on Tate over his cringey rap tune. Unintentionally, Dark made the tweet on Friday. One Twitter character @mattxiv, answered to Dark’s post and composed:

At the point when Rebecca Dark sent off ‘Friday’, it turned into an extraordinary melody because of its adoration disdain relationship with the audience. Many grumbled that the autotune utilized in the tune was deplorable. Notwithstanding, very nearly 10 years after the fact, since the vocalist has developed a ton, she is commended by her fans and Friday has now become wistfulness for them.

Rebecca Dark inferred that despite the fact that her music video ‘Friday’ seemed wince to the audience, she was just 13 years of age and was at this point to investigate and foster a refined style. In the mean time, Andrew Tate, a 36-year-old developed man, delivered a through and through wretched music video with its presentation of convertible games vehicles and the typification of ladies.

Tate delivered the melody in 2019, where he highlighted English vocalist Kristian Kiss. Around the same time, Andrew and Kris worked together on two additional singles by the previous – ‘Self destruction’ and ‘Parttime’.

Andrew Tate’s Spotify moniker is Mr Bounty
It’s a shock to many individuals on the web that the disputable powerhouse and presently a convict of s** wrongdoings had a music profession. Notwithstanding, Rebecca Dark’s new tweet appears to have revealed some insight into Tate’s ‘melodic’ character also.

In any case, the justification for why the man existing apart from everything else can’t be found on Spotify effectively is on the grounds that he is there on the stage with an alternate name, Mr Bounty. The following are a couple of melodies credited to his discography on Spotify.

He delivered a solitary in 2020 with the title ‘Failed to remember Your Name’, where he by and by teamed up with Kris Kiss. In 2022, Tate dealt with two additional tunes, ‘Top G in a Bugatti’ and ‘Strong Rich Men/Suffocating’, in which he worked together with Biggs Wear and Lil RobinhoodBreezy separately.

Individuals have accumulated under Rebecca Dark’s statement tweet where she dissed Andrew Tate and shared their responses.

One individual @HumayounAK alluded to Dark as the ‘Friday sovereign’ and composed that she will constantly live in individuals’ souls.

Andrew Tate currently stays in Romanian police care, as he and three others, including his brother, were captured on December 29 subsequent to being affirmed with charges of illegal exploitation and making non-consensual explicit content. The gathering has been shipped off detainment for 30 days while the examination is in process.