You Will D!e- Laura Ikeji Tells Nigerian Politicians As More Nigerian Professionals Flee The Country

The top brand powerhouse has cautioned Nigerians that individuals who escaped their country for countries like the USA would in any case encounter a down economy there.

She guarantees that as specialists in the banking, IT, and medical services businesses leave the nation looking for better open doors, a large number of people are leaving.

She went on by begging the organization to make a move to keep individuals from leaving the country.

Laura Ikeji kept on tending to Nigerian officials, advance notice them that in the event that they at any point require a crisis method, they probably won’t have the option to track down a certified clinical expert to make it happen, and since it is a crisis, they will have the opportunity to go outside for skilled clinical consideration.

‘… to the government officials that are taking cash and think they are having a good time.

The day wey you go get crisis dem rush you go medical clinic you go die… this isn’t a joke, you will die… you will require a certified specialist to help you, our primary care physicians are leaving… dem off limits fit fly you for air emergency vehicle, you go die’, she underscored.