Yrma Lydya A Young Singer Was Shot Death By Her Own Husband

On June 23, Mexican vocalist Yrma Lydya, 21, was supposedly shot and died in an eatery by her significant other, 79-year-old Jes Hernández Alocer. Mexico’s security secretary, Omar Garca Harfuch, said that the legal advisor shot Lydya multiple times.

Alcocer and one more woman who was going with him were held onto after the episode. Witnesses revealed seeing a question between a silver haired fellow and a young woman. Following the question, the person shot the woman, and it was thusly uncovered that the man was Alcocer, and the lady was his significant other, Lydya.


Not long after the occurrence, paramedics came at the café and endeavored to revive Yrma Lydya, who clearly had no crucial signs. The Mexican artist was killed by discharge wounds. In the mean time, the vocalist’s kid spouse endeavored to leave in his vehicle however was captured by police.

Alcocer even endeavored to pay off officials to keep away from capture. It is worth focusing on that Alcocer has proactively been blamed for blackmail.

Everything about Yrma Lydya Yrma Lydya, who was born in 2001, was a notable performer, artist, and entertainer. She was the little girl of Carlos Quinones, a notable Mexican finance manager who established Group Radio Comunicacion, SA in 1960.

As per sources, she became keen on music quite early in life. She was certainly not a notable name from the get go. Her significant break came in 2017, when she got to perform El Viejo del Sombrero with Lucho Argain’s Sonora Dinamita at an occasion.

During the public occasions, Lydya highlighted on an exceptional version of the Canal de las Estrellas. She has additionally showed up in the movies Reventon Musical, Bandamax, and Noche con Carlos Cuevas. She was in this way requested to act in a couple of shows by the GranDiosas cast.

Because of the greeting, she expressed: “It is a distinction for me to impart the stage to these extraordinary entertainers that I have loved since I was a young person; being an individual from GRANDIOSAS is a little glimpse of heaven for me since singing and gaining from these Goddesses is a magnificent staggering extravagance that I am currently performing.”

Lydya worked with various specialists during her profession, and she was even granted the National Culture Award by the Mexican Chamber of Deputies. Before her passing, she was singing at Grandiosas, which included noticeable artists like Mara Conchita Alonso, Alicia Villarreal, and others.

Wrongdoing in Mexico is on the ascent. Orientation based viciousness has flooded in Mexico, as per various sources, prompting an expansion in wrongdoing. At the point when examined concerning it, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador expressed it was the issue of past President Felipe Calderon.

Obrador prior arranged the arrival of a Sinaloa cartel head to decrease brutality. He added that his organization has no designs to detain drug cartel pioneers and has even carried out a program known as ’embraces, not shots.’