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Zahid Majeed of Luton was caught following an examination concerning strange assaults – and cops presume he might have further casualties, as he proceeded to turn into an authorized cab driver in the town.

Zahid was indicted for assault and seizing following a three-day preliminary at Luton Crown Court and condemned to 13 years in prison for assault and three years in jail for snatching, both to run continuously.

Zahid Majeed of Wardown Close, Luton, was viewed as liable following a three-day preliminary at Luton Crown Court of abducting and assaulting a woman 28 years prior.

Notwithstanding almost thirty years, Zahid Majeed, who currently functions as an authorized taxi driver, was at last caught when his DNA was connected to the wrongdoing.

Majeed went about as a cab driver in the early long periods of November 13, 1993, when the lady left the town’s Coliseum dance club and joined his vehicle.

Majeed said he was indistinct of the course she had given him and headed over to check a guide, which made her dubious.

He began heading out once more, however a little while later, he headed over to the roadside and turned off the lights prior to being rough and threatening against her.

Zahid then, at that point, drove them off Hitchin Road to a disconnected place where he assaulted her.

In spite of the fact that there was deficient proof to interface Majeed to the wrongdoing, DNA was kept on document assuming a match could be made later on.

Majeed of Wardown Close was found very nearly 30 years after the fact as a component of Operation Painter, an investigation of undetected assaults and sexual offenses somewhere in the range of 1974 and 1999.

Majeed was captured and charged later the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire Cold Case Unit restarted the examination and acquired new articulations from the person in question and witnesses.

Later the meeting on Thursday, December 23, Detective Constable Hayley Dyas expressed that: “Majeed was condemned to 13 years in jail for assault and three years in jail for seizing, all of which will run simultaneously.”

Zahid Majeed is 54 years of age.

Majeed, who professed to be a taxi driver to snatch and assault a woman almost 30 years prior, was condemned to 13 years in jail.

Zahid lived in harmony for quite a long time while his casualty encountered the drawn out results of such a horrendous wrongdoing.