Zakir Naik Arrested In Oman: Where Is Indian Televangelist Now Jail Or Prison?


A ton of information about Zakir Naik capture has been circling on the web, and many individuals have been sharing their contemplations regarding this situation.

Zakir Naik is an Islamic minister and TV preacher from India. He is additionally the organizer behind the Islamic Exploration Establishment and Harmony television.

Naik is a conspicuous Islamic minister who has acquired consideration for his questionable assertions on different subjects connected with Islam and different religions. In spite of the fact that he lines up with no specific Islamic way of thinking, he is frequently connected with the Salafi way of thinking.

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Zakir Naik Captured In Oman As indicated by ongoing reports, there is plausible that the questionable Islamic minister Zakir Naik might be taken back to India. The news recommends that Indian organizations are reaching Oman specialists to arrest Naik and extradite him to India.

Naik was requested to be in Oman on Walk 23 and 25; he was captured yet later let out of Oman. In any case, he will actually want to leave the country before he shows up in two talks in Oman in Spring.

Naik has been blamed for illegal tax avoidance and disdain discourse in India and has been dwelling in Malaysia beginning around 2017, where he is at present in banishment.

It is conceivable that Zakir Naik will be let out of the care of Omani specialists and sent back to India to have to deal with the penalties of tax evasion and disdain discourse against him.

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Where Is Indian TV minister Currently Prison Or Jail? Naik has been circling back to Omani specialists, and he is in prison and is requested to be available for the talk on Walk 23.

The talk separated tomorrow could uncover what charges he could face, or he could get back to India, get facelifts, and be condemned for a lifetime.

The talk is named ‘The Sacred Qur’an is a Worldwide Need.’ Furthermore, the service, in participation with King Qaboos College, has booked one more illustration for Walk 25.

An assertion gave by the Service of Oman said, “The Service addressed by the Division of Presenting Islam and Social Trade in the Iftaa office is coordinating a talk by the evangelist Dr. Zakir Naik.”

He is presently not in prison or jail, despite the fact that he has been accused of different unlawful things in India. Indian specialists are guaranteeing he doesn’t run off and requesting that consent return him to India.

In the event that Naik is shipped off India, he could confront some time in jail. Individuals have been hanging tight for him to get back to India, as he is restricted in an alternate country.

He has been blamed for advancing strict radicalism and disdain discourse and prohibited from entering a few nations, including Canada, Bangladesh, and the UK.

Indian specialists accused him of illegal tax avoidance while he was abroad in Malaysia. Naik didn’t get back to India and has lived in Malaysia in banishment from that point forward.

Other than being a dubious figure, his talks and talks have been generally seen on the web and on TV, and he has been welcome to talk at different occasions and meetings.