Ashley Pegram Missing Turned Murder Case: Is The Killer Edward Bonilla Still In Prison Now? 2022


The possibility of finding Ashley Pegram alive diminished as the days passed. Following a tip, experts in Harleyville, South Carolina, looked through a lush region. Ashley’s decaying bones were recuperated in a shallow internment on May ninth, 2015.

Her hair was tangled in her scenes, and she was simply wearing a bra. As per the examination, her neck uncovered breaks predictable with actual strangulation, and her skull had obtuse power injury. The reason for not set in stone to be crime viciousness.

Missing Ashley Pegram Murder Case Wiki: Who Was She? Ashley Nicole Pegram was born in the province of South Carolina in April of 1986. With her three youngsters, she and her folks lived in Summerville, South Carolina.

Ashley had a sort and supportive mentality, as indicated by her friends and family, and she appreciated investing energy outside. The 28-year-old returned home for a date on April third, 2015, likely after 9 p.m., yet stayed away forever. On April fourth, her scared family members detailed her missing.

Is Edward Bonilla Ashley Pegram Killer? Ashley Pegram’s family explored her messages on the telephone she imparted to her sister after she didn’t return home the following day. Ashley had been messaging a man called Edward Borilla utilizing an informing application at that point; they had met online in March 2015.

Edward was, indeed, the individual she had gone out on the town with the prior night. He was sorry for leaving Ashley out and about on the grounds that she was too intoxicated in a message got at 3:29 a.m. on April fourth.

At his preliminary, Edward asserted that the passing was a mishap. He was taking Ashley home in the wake of investing energy at the huge fire when she blamed him for taking her mom’s telephone and seethed at him.

Edward said Ashley left when he stopped to let her utilization the latrine. Then, at that point, Edward chose to go, and his vehicle crashed into Ashley as he was backing up. He said the mother of three had attacked him when he minded her. Edward accepted her in a huge squeeze and imagined she died in her arms trying to control her.

Where Could Edward Bonilla Now be?Edwar d was the person who at last let police know where Ashley was covered. He additionally recognized making an impression on Ashley to hoodwink the examiners. Also, cell phone tower pings pinpointed Edward’s whereabouts in the locale where the body was found.

He was indicted blameworthy for homicide and condemned to life in jail without the chance of delivery in August 2016, when he was 31 years of age. Edward is as yet kept at the Perry Correctional Institution in Pelzer, South Carolina, as indicated by jail records.