Hillary Clinton Campaign Communications Manager Betsaida Alcantara Passed Away, Here Is A Short Bio


The CHCI graduated class and managerial official in Obama’s office have died suddenly and not a really obvious explanation has been given with regards to her downfall.

The Brooklyn based Digital and Communications supervisor had an ability in both interior as well as outside correspondences.


She was a senior bilingual correspondence chief and has a significant information on emergency the executives, hazard settlement and media relations.

Likewise, she was a specialist in the field of brand arrangement and had a hearty history of making effective individual as well as global brand.

Similary, she was great at enrolling and overseeing staffs for her office and work stations, being a capable ability obtaining director also.

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Hillary Clinton Campaign Communications Manager Betsaida Alcantara Passed Away Hillary Clinton Campaign Communications Manager Betsaida Alcantara has died tragically on February 19, 2022.

She was a glad CHCI graduated class and furthermore a 2006-07 Public Policy Fellow.

Her aptitude in bunch the board, respectability foundation of correspondence frameworks, and mission lead has been very much looked for.

Betsaida was likewise selected for driving the mission group for Obama’s American Campaign in 2008.

She likewise functioned as the Press Secretary at Environmental Protection Agency(EPA).

Her nonexclusive view on emergency the board, hazard goal and struggle destruction were awesome of her ascribes that made her fit for the authoritative positions.

Simialry, she successfully executed her day by day obligations and dealt with a group from its underlying strides of recruiting abilities.

Betsaida has been shown gigantic recognition by CHCI and CHCI Alumni Association after her miserable destruction.

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Investigate Betsaida Alcantara’s Wikipedia and Bio Details Betsaida Alcantara has not yet been included in the authority Wikipedia bio page.

Betsaida labored for 1 year and 10 months at the Anti-Defamation League from May 2017-February 2019.

Betsaida drove a group there for head social liberties association battling hostile to semitism.

She was likewise the Director for Media Planning and Deputy Communications Director for Hilalry for America crusade for 1 year and 3 additional months.

Track down Betsaida Alcantara’s Profile On LinkedIn Betsaida Alcantara’s profile on Linkedln states her profile as Vice President of Communications and Digital at Anti-Defamation League.

Her profile likewise reports her work at GSA as Communications Director and for a considerable length of time with US EPA.

She moved on from Bard College with a B.A. in Political Science.

She has mastery in correspondence outreach, vital correspondence snad media relations.