Where Is Anya Kelsing Now?

Anya Kelsing has gained a great deal of fame in a brief time frame as individuals are interested to find out about her and the story behind it. It’s muddled the way in which this story came to such countless individuals across the web, however what we cannot deny is that accounts like these generally provoke people groups’ inclinations.

As of late, a Reddit client by the name of Robert Mort shared a tale about a missing young lady Anya Kelsing. The story was described by a lady who professes to realize what has been going on with Anya. In any case, there could be no other proof to substantiate this story, so we couldn’t say whether it’s valid or not.


Anya, as per this story, was a 23-year-old Franklin School expressions significant who evaporated while going on a trip with her accomplice. We couldn’t find any photos of that specific composition on the Reddit stage or somewhere else, which is somewhat peculiar.

Anya Kelsing was never found and her whereabouts are as yet a secret. As indicated by the storyteller, her better half Eric killed the missing young lady. In any case, this presently can’t seem to be demonstrated in court. This story makes reference to no different insights regarding her. Some web client finds this story astounding and needs to find out about Anya and different subtleties connecting with her.

Nonetheless, in the wake of perusing this story, it’s obvious that it is just fiction. There wasn’t anything more on the web connected with this subject.

Despite the fact that there is no hard proof to interface the two, we might induce that Anya Kelsing was killed by her beau Eric, according to the Reddit story. At the point when they experienced a bear while climbing, they became isolated, and her rucksack was found a pretty far from the locating.

The story’s storyteller directed a web look for Anya to research what befell her from that point onward, however there isn’t a lot of data accessible.

While individuals are sure that her accomplice removed her or the bear killed her, nobody has reached a decision about which occurrence it was.