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John Sandon is a British creator and a specialist on ceramics and glass.

Maybe most popular as the master on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, Sandon’s vocation is quite celebrated. With porcelain being his number 1 area of interest, Sandon is an expert on various kinds. John is viewed as a world expert on European porcelain and has composed roughly 13 books on porcelain and a lot more articles.

He joined the Antiques Roadshow in 1985 and is a specialist on pottery and glass for the show. His dry mind and excitement have acquired him many fans.

Born 1959

Worcester, England
  • Antique expert
  • TV personality
  • author
Years active 1975–present
Known for Expert on ceramics and glass
Television Antiques Roadshow
Parent(s) Henry Sandon

Other than the Antiques Roadshow, he has additionally been associated with unearthings at the Royal Worcester Factory site and has created and co-wrote many books about the production line. Most as of late, on July 24, 2013, he partook as a barker for Bonhams by covering the offer of Copeland porcelain which was essential for the contents of Trelissick House in Feock close to Truro, Cornwall.

What Illness Does John Sandon Have? In the mid 2010s, John Sandon experienced a progression of heart sicknesses that violated his wellbeing.

In 2010, Sandon needed to cancel an Everest journey without a second to spare since he began to encounter extreme agony in his sciatic nerve. Tragically, this wouldn’t be a confined occasion.

In 2011, Sandon must be raced into a clinic in Cardiff, where he was determined to have cardiovascular breakdown. In any case, after a progression of medicines, Sandon was considered solid, and he was in a good place again.

This cycle didn’t occur right away, however, as it required months and afterward long periods of returning his heart once again to top request, yet 10 years eliminated from the episodes, Sandon appears as though he’s never had cardiovascular breakdowns.

Has John Sandon Lost Weight? Theories about John Sandon’s disease started when unconfirmed tales began drifting around that he had lost an unfortunate measure of weight.

These bits of hearsay are unverified as neither Sandon nor anybody from his close family or companions has referenced anything about weight reduction or him being sick once more. The 63-year-old is praising 10 years since his last wellbeing alarm.

These bits of gossip could have become common on the grounds that another Sandon had a wellbeing alarm. John Sandon’s dad, Henry Sandon, had a wellbeing alarm in 2019 when news broke out that he had fallen on his kitchen floor and remained there for 20 hours as he dropped.

Fortunately the police separated his entryways in the wake of being called by his family and taken to the emergency clinic. As of the hour of the composition of this article, both dad and child are healthy.

John Sandon’s Family John Sandon is the child of Henry Sandon, a prominent expert on Royal Worcester Porcelain.

Henry, similar to his child, is a collectibles master and TV authority. He, as well, has shown up in the Antiques Roadshow as a specialist on ceramics and glass.

In any case, dissimilar to his child, he started his profession in archaic exploration and is knowledgeable in digs and curation. In 2008, the more seasoned Sandon was named Member of the Order of the Brtish Empire for his administrations to broadcasting, the earthenware production industry, and good cause.

John Sandon is hitched to Kristin Sandon, whom he has called his first love on many events. The two have been hitched for a very long time now.

The two are an audacious couple and go on many outings and climbs. On 2010, when John experienced outrageous agony in his sciatic never, the couple should go on the Everest journey together, yet Kristin wound up going alone.

Where Could John Sandon Now be? Subsequent to filling in as an overseer of Ceramics and Glass at Bonhams for around 44 years, John Sandon reported his retirement in 2019.

Notwithstanding, he will stay an expert despite everything is a critical figure. He will likewise proceed to explore and be a fundamental colleague.

Sandon is likewise still an individual from the Antiques Roadshow and fills in as a periodic salesperson.