Amjad Ali Khan Religion | Is He Hindu Or Muslim | Ethnicity And Origin

The world is honored by Amjad Ali Khan’s charming music. Born on October 9, 1945, he came from a family loaded with traditional music lovers. His sarod’s tunes have voyaged mainlands since the 1960s, making an enchanted concordance embroidery.

In 1975, Amjad Ali Khan was conceded the Padma Shree grant. He got the Padma Bhushan in 1991 as a mark of differentiation. Moreover, he was granted the regarded Padma Vibhushan in 2001. Past his expertise as a performer, his name gives a false representation of a significant transformation. He was given the name “Amjad” by an insightful sadhu, who sparkled like a reference point on his street. He set out on a profound excursion that is reflected in each note from Masoom to Amjad.

Birth name Masoom Ali Khan
Born 9 October 1945 (age 78)
Gwalior, Gwalior State, British India
Genres Hindustani classical music
Instrument(s) sarod

Is Amjad Ali Khan a Muslim or a Hindu?
Many are interested about Khan’s religion — Hindu or Muslim. The notable sarod ace Amjad Ali Khan is of Muslim plummet. His family has a long history of performing Indian old style music. Yet, Khan Sahib’s thoughts cut past strict lines, featuring the worldwide empathy and humanism at its center. He is a big fan of the possibility that music, as a sacred language, rises above strict limits and unites individuals.


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The four walls of his home resonate with the soul of humanism, which esteems the holiness, everything being equal. Through his music, Khan Sahib passes a feeling of having a place on with all religions, which is reverberated in the most natural sounding way for him. His audience is a multicultural combination of devotees from numerous religions, exhibiting the comprehensiveness of craftsmanship.

He communicates worry about the world’s rising radicalism and strict struggle. No matter what their strict foundation, Khan Sahib is determined that extremists are a weight on humankind. Rather, he loves the examples he gained from his late dad, Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan, who trained him to put stock in a solitary, all-strong God at an early age.

His home is a serene spot where individuals live respectively. Khan Sahib has a different petitioning God chamber from his better half’s puja room. This advances an air of resilience and inclusivity and is proof of their shared regard for each other’s convictions. His religion embraces the all inclusive unity that music communicates and goes past characterizations like Hindu or Muslim.

Amjad Ali Khan’s Starting points and Identity
Amjad Ali Khan is an Indian ethnic part who was born in the clamoring city of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India. His underlying foundations are significantly imbued in this locale’s social texture, which cultivates a rich tradition of Indian old style music. His dad, Hafiz Ali Khan, got an encouragement to visit a Delhi social association in 1957 after it was resolved that he had extraordinary ability.


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The family’s relocation to Delhi thus opened another section in their melodic experience. The underlying foundations of Amjad Ali Khan can be tracked down in the focal area of Madhya Pradesh, where the hints of the sarod have resounded for a long time. He embraced his family’s ancestry and rose to noticeable quality on the worldwide scene as an eminent traditional music entertainer.

Amjad Ali Khan has had a getting through effect on the universe of music with his spirit blending sarod tunes and exceptional ability and energy for music.

Amjad Ali Khan gladly embodies his Indian foundation, and his race and spot of beginning have incredibly impacted the advancement of his melodic style. His vocation as a craftsman and his obligation to his calling have had a getting through effect on the universe of traditional music, moving people in the future.

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