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Kehlani and SZA are well known artists in the music business spotted at Rihana’s Met Gala all-nighter.

Kehlani Ashley Parrish, matured 26, born on April 24, 1995, is an American vocalist, musician, and artist, initially from Oakland, California, US.

Though Solana Imani Rowe, expertly known as SZA matured 31, was born on November 8, 1989, an American artist and lyricist from St.Louis, Missouri.

The pair were clasping hands, for which fans are currently persuaded that they are not simply companions.

Fans are dicey with regards to their relationship and think they have developed their relationship to a higher level.

The new image of them left many individuals pondering something off-putting between them since this isn’t whenever they initially have been seen together. This time fans are interested in case they are a thing.

After the photos and recordings spread everywhere, many individuals theorized that Kehlani and SZA were dating.

The photos started so that everybody would reconsider as they were seen beforehand also.

Be that as it may, this likely may not be valid. Nothing can be said until their admission. They may be holding their hands in a cordial manner.

Truth be told, a considerable lot of their fans couldn’t want anything more than to see the pair all together.

Simply clasping hands really don’t present any sentimentalism, notwithstanding, a few fans are persuaded that there is a heartfelt sparkle between them.

Ideally, they will declare reality soon as the reports are warming up the web.

Kehlani recognizes as a lesbian. She has recently referenced herself as strange and pansexual, however SZA has not freely tended to her sexuality.

What’s more, Kehlani is polyamorous, which means wanting to suggest with more than one band together with the entirety of accomplices’ educated assent. These kinds of individuals have faith in an open relationship.

In April 2018, she explained her sexuality on Twitter, saying she is an eccentric, not bi, not straight, but rather in mid 2021, she declared herself as a lesbian during a live stream.

Kehlani has had a few prominent and relaxed connections. She was first connected with Canadian rapper PartyNextDoor in 2013 yet quit the spotlight and later separated in 2015.

She then, at that point dated NBA star Kyrie Irving and again separated at some point in 2016.

A while later, she was seen with Shaina Negron in 2017, yet their relationship actually didn’t keep going long.

She then, at that point joined Javaughn Young-White, with whom she had a little girl. Even after the separation, they are in contact and are co-guardians.

Then, at that point, she was with YG rapper sharing a decent bond that couldn’t keep going long, and presently is reputed with SZA.

Discussing the previous connections of SZA, she affirmed her relationship with Drake in the last part of the 2000s

Yet, from that point forward, she has not been accounted for dating anybody yet has been reputed subsequent to being seen with Kehlani.

She has not affirmed herself as a Lesbian as well.