Chrisean Rock Fight Video On TikTok -What Happened To Her Tooth?

Chrisean Malone, most popular as Chrisean Rock, is a previous Blueface craftsman. She has been standing out as truly newsworthy as of late however for some unacceptable reasons.

Chrisean got captured by the police in Oklahoma for purportedly taking a vehicle and selling opiate substances. Her mugshot is additionally making adjusts on the web.

Chrisean Rock Fight Video On TikTok Chrisean Rock has been in various battles as of late, and accounts of her fight are accessible via online media destinations like Instagram and TikTok.

One of the recordings of Chrisean inciting one more lady to battle has got great many perspectives on the stage. Be that as it may, on the grounds that the video is indistinct, the thought process in the fight and how it started stay obscure.

Another video including Rock, police authorities, and Blueface’s director, Wack100, is additionally circulating around the web. Wack 100 might be seen conversing with Rock and explaining her botches in an Instagram live video.

He says that she doesn’t reside in the house and that the police are coming. He likewise adds saying that Chrisean is at this point not a piece of the record name as she got dropped seven days prior. What Befell Chrisean Rock Tooth? Fans rushed to find Chrisean Rock’s missing tooth. They were baffled with respect to why she had lost a tooth.

The response is that Rock lost a tooth because of an awful fight. In an Instagram Live, the youthful craftsman uncovered that one of Blueface’s exes and child mother incited her. Both of them then, at that point, got into an actual fight, during which Chrisean hit her head on the ground and lost a tooth.

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Chrisean didn’t fix her teeth after the occurrence, in spite of having adequate dollars in her ledger. After the squabble, rapper Blueface offered her cash to mend her teeth, however Chrisean wouldn’t do as such even subsequent to tolerating the cash.

Chrisean Rock Arrest Charges Chrisean Rock got captured in Oklahoma and got charged for purportedly selling opiates and driving a taken vehicle.

Rock got kept by the police on February 14 for selling rocks and driving a taken car. Chrisean broke into Blueface’s home, where she snatched the opiate and took the vehicle prior to escaping, as per sources.

Her mugshots have gone famous on the web after her capture. Malone has a grin all over in the photo, and simply the information of her location, sex, and booking date have been referenced.