Ghost BandGhost Band Members Ages And Names

Phantom Musicians ages range between 35 to 45 years of age. Phantom Musicians incorporate Tobias Fashion and a gathering of Anonymous Fiends who play various instruments.

The Swedish covered musical gang, Phantom, was at first known as Apparition B.C. during its introduction in 2006 in Linköping, Sweden. They are profoundly valued for their show and unknown persona.

It was laid out after the future frontman and pioneer Tobias Fashion wrote the tune named ‘Stand by Him.’ The 3-minute 56 seconds melody was additionally delivered on the band’s most memorable studio collection.

Seven of the eight musicians stay behind the essentially indistinguishable yet face-hiding clothing types. They were extravagant covers, prosthetic veils, and cosmetics that disguise their character from people in general.

Tobias Forge (Papa Emeritus IV) Leader, Vocalist, Guitar, Bass, Percussion
Nameless Ghouls: Fire Lead Guitarist
Nameless Ghouls: Water Bassist
Nameless Ghouls: Air Keyboardist and backing vocals
Nameless Ghouls: Earth Drummer
Nameless Ghouls: Aether Rhythm Guitarist and backing vocals
Nameless Ghouls: Multi-ghoul Guitarist, Tambourine, Saxophonist
Nameless Ghouls: Cirrus Keyboardist, Tambourine, Keytar
Nameless Ghouls: Infinity, Stratus, Sunshine, or Victory Tambourine, Keyboards, and backing vocals.
Studio Albums 5
Live Albums 1
Music Videos 14
EPs 3
Singles 13
Background information
Also known as Ghost B.C.
Origin Linköping, Sweden
  • Hard rock
  • heavy metal
  • doom metal
  • pop rock
  • progressive rock
  • psychedelic rock
Years active 2006–present
  • Iron Pegasus
  • Rise Above
  • Metal Blade
  • Trooper Ent.
  • Seven Four Ent.
  • Loma Vista

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The Swedish band is generally evaluated for its offbeat in front of an audience presence with their face stays covered behind their outfits. The band’s setup has changed throughout the long term.

The eight instrumentalists whose character is kept in the background are known as Anonymous Devils. Every one of the anonymous individuals addresses one of the old style components Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Ether.

Tobias Fashion is a laid out vocalist. He is most popular as the frontman and as Dad Emeritus IV of the Swedish musical gang Apparition.

At first, the personality of Produce was likewise in the background until his exposure in 2017. Tobias performed under the moniker Cardinal Copia and Dad Emeritus before the divulging of his distinguishing proof.

Moreover, Phantom, the vocalist has been a piece of different groups including Crashdïet and Repulsive. Correspondingly, he likewise filled in as a guitarist for Onket Kånkel, an underground rock band.

Anonymous Demons are the instrumentalists of the Swedish band Phantom. They utilize the term ‘Anonymous Demons’ to camouflage their personality.

The unknown individuals from the band comprise of eight devils that play various instruments including guitar, bass, drums, and more while the band is performing live.

Every one of the seven anonymous devils addresses various components and they are recognized by the basic images weaved on the right bosom of their outfits.

The appearance and clients of the fiends have changed throughout the long term. During the underlying days, the devils wore locally acquired outfits. Afterward, they began enhancing Bauta covers and white outfits.

Apparition Musicians ages range start from the mid-30s through the mid 40s. The previous individuals, Martin Hjertstedt, and Henrik Plam are both 36 years of age starting around 2023.

Tobias is 42 years of age starting around 2023. Born in 1981, the artist commends his birthday on Walk 3 each spending year. He has performed under different stage names until this day.

Starting around 2023, the Anonymous Fiend Aether, Chris Impetus is 43 years of age. The guitarist was born on February 11, 1980. Impetus is initially from Beverly in East Yorkshire.

Per Eriksson (Fire)
Lead guitarist, Per Eriksson, is 41 years as indicated by the year 2023. Born in 1982, he adulates his birthday on April 2 each spending year. He has been associated with different groups other than Apparition including Bloodbath.

Starting around 2023, the drummer, Hayden Scott, is 39 years of age. He was born on April 20, 1984. The visiting drummer is most popular for serving AWOLNATION, the American musical gang.

The unpredictable subtleties of Frantic Gallica’s introduction to the world subtleties stay out of the sight. All things considered, as per the tweet, she commends her birthday on July 26 reliably.

Though, the data involving the birth subtleties of different individuals including Sophie Amelkin (Daylight), Cosmo Woody (Downpour or Water), and Laura Scarbourough (Cirrus/Tall) stays dark.

The personalities of the Apparition Musicians were exposed no matter what the band’s chief Tobias Fashion’s steady work to keep it covered.

It has forever been a topic of conversation among the netizens encompassing the subject of the ongoing setup of the band. It is clear thing for fans to become inquisitive about the personalities that are covered behind the face-disguising outfits.

In the midst of the obscureness, a photograph of the relative multitude of groups including Uncle Corrosive and the Deadbeats and Twin Sanctuary and their street team was out via virtual entertainment after they enveloped their European visit by May 2022.

The dissemination of the photograph prompted the uncovering of the character of a portion of the Anonymous devils who enjoyed the band’s exercises. A portion of the anonymous devils incorporate conspicuous names.

Phantom band declared a U.S. summer visit in 2023 which is named ‘Re-Imperatour U.S.A.’ The visit hits urban areas like Austin, Tampa, Chicago, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The band started their visit named Imperatour on the side of their fifth studio and most recent collection Impera on January 25, 2022, in Reno, Nevada. Nonetheless, at this point, it is set to finish up on September 12, 2023.

At first, the visit was booked to occur between January 25, 2022, and May 18, 2022. Regardless, later the band declared the U.S.A. journey on February 13, 2023, which will include an exceptional visitor Amon Amarth.

The ticket cost for the impending U.S. summer visit ranges up to $600. You can get snatch standard tickets, confirmed resale tickets, platinum tickets, and more at Ticketmaster.

Apparition band has delivered five studio collections, one live collection, and fourteen music recordings until Walk 21, 2023. They have likewise dropped three EPs until Walk 21, 2023.

Not to neglect, the Swedish musical crew has likewise currently put out thirteen singles and fourteen music recordings. They delivered their full-length collection Creation Eponymous in October 2010.

The band slipped their subsequent collection named Infestissumam on April 10, 2013, through Loma Vista and General records. The collection was guaranteed Gold by GLF, the Swedish Recording Industry Affiliation.

Meliora, the third studio collection, delivered on August 21, 2015, gained a colossal achievement. In addition to the fact that the collection came to different music distributions’ arrangements of the best collections, yet the collection packed away honors as well.

In like manner, their fourth studio collection named Prequelle additionally followed the outcome of their third studio collection. It got a platinum confirmation from GLF and a Gold from IFPI NOR.

Impera, Phantom’s most recent and fifth collection made critical rounds on the web. Correspondingly, it crested at number 1 on Board’s Top Collection Deals outline in Walk 2022.

As per Board, Impera kept deals of 62,500 duplicates in the US. It left a mark on the world as the biggest week, by collection deals for any collection as indicated by the report of Walk 2022.

The Swedish band delivered their live collection named Service and Commitment on December 8, 2017, through Loma Vista, and Harmony recording marks.

Talking about their lengthy plays, the band dropped their most memorable EP, On the off chance that You Have Phantom, on November 19, 2013. After more than three years, they at long last delivered their second EP, Popestar, on September 16, 2016.