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Entryway patio Step also known as Jake McElfresh is an independent acoustic artist from Newark, Ohio. At 21 years old, he started his melodic vocation. He then, at that point, delivered his presentation collection, Aware under the mark of Pure Noise Records.

A few youthful people have blamed Jake McElfresh for inappropriate behavior by means of cell phones. One of his featured claims is sending bare pictures of himself to underage females.


This provoked an appeal mentioning that he be eliminated from the 2015 Warped Tour. Unadulterated Noise Records, his record organization, and Kevin Lyman, the originator of the Warped Tour, both said they knew about the cases.

McElfresh posted on his Facebook page on January 4, 2015, that he had suspended all current event dates, including Warped Tour, attributable to the claims. McElfresh offered a public expression on Facebook on April 3, 2015.

Birth name Jake McElfresh
Also known as Front Porch Step
Born 1991
Newark, OH
Genres Acoustic rock, indie rock, emo revival
Instruments Acoustic guitar
Years active 2012–present
Labels Pure Noise

In the Facebook post, Jake noticed that as a youngster, he battled with confidence and “most certainly was not a ladies fellow.” When he in the end made it in music, he was alarmed by how much consideration he got from female admirers.

McElfresh confesses to speaking with ladies through instant messages. Some of whom were minors, yet expressed that the conversations were “not quite as uneven as they show up.” He expressed that no charges had been recorded against him.

Jake likewise affirmed that “(he) just had talks with willing members” notwithstanding the way that a portion of the discussions were sexual in nature. McElfresh later expressed that in the months after the cases, he “wonder[ed] on the off chance that (he) needed to be alive any longer.”

Subsequent to being unloaded by his mark and pulled from all shows, the acoustic vocalist took a break from online media, considering it the “best thing (he might have at any point done.” likewise, he asserted that he intends to get back to music in the mid year.

McElfresh played his first gig since the cases were made on July 1, 2015, in the Acoustic Basement at the Warped Tour stop in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kevin Lyman, the originator of the Warped Tour, shown that he had spoken with McElfresh’s own advisor, who expressed that the presentation would be important for his treatment.

Mr Lyman likewise told that McElfresh would not be paid for the gig and that he would not show up at any up and coming times on the visit. He likewise demonstrated that he let McElfresh perform since he had not been accused of a crime, saying:

“In case he was a genuine risk to anybody, he just wouldn’t be here.”

Numerous artists tweeted their considerations on the issue, practically which were all negative. McElfresh additionally confronted with a concert attendee who freely chastised him, guaranteeing:

“The contrast between you and me is that I know who I am, and I am exceptionally pleased with that. So you can go on, watch my set. Thank you kindly. Much obliged for the ticket cash, buddy.”

Mcelfresh got back to the music scene on June 2, 2016, following a year vacation because of lewd behavior charges. He delivered one tune ‘Help Me Hurt’ on Spotify which tends to the cases in a foggy way and begs God for pardon.

Jake McElfresh has turned into the essential concentration in protecting more than 20 high school fangirls going in age from 15 to 17. A portion of his casualties, including Carina and Elizabeth, said he constrained them to make youngster porn.

That as well as McElfresh was compromised with hijacking and assault if they didn’t have sexual relations with him. A few admirers alluded to him as a wandered on pedophile his lover.

Jake purportedly took advantage of his fame to sincerely manhandle and physically bother adolescent female admirers. In spite of this, he has proclaimed that he isn’t a pedophile or an attacker. He additionally apologizes to his allies for any hurt anybody however never planned to do.