Rapper Murda Mook Arrested, Why was Murda Mook Arrested? What did Murda Mook Do? Who is Murda Mook?

Rapper Murda Mook Arrested:Explore the most recent on Harlem rapper Murda Mook’s capture as he records an emotional police a conflict on Instagram Live.

Rapper Murda Mook Arrested

Harlem rapper Murda Mook, eminent for his noticeable quality in the fight rap scene, wound up in a strained circumstance throughout the end of the week as he recorded a police a conflict in his home on Instagram Live. All through the livestream, Mook scrutinized the presence of the cops, fighting that they effectively entered his home by breaking the locks. Regardless of more than once encouraging them to leave, one of the officials uncovered that Mook’s wife had called them, adding a layer of intricacy to the circumstance.

At first told he wasn’t set to be locked up, the circumstance took a turn as officials trained Murda Mook to get into a shirt, at last putting him in guardianship. The explanation gave was a supposed episode where Mook was blamed for scratching his girl’s arm. Nonetheless, the rapper fervently denied the allegation, declaring that his girl had scratched herself, adding a component of question to the unfurling occasions.

Who is Murda Mook?

Murda Mook is an unmistakable American rapper hailing from Harlem, New York. Eminent as a veteran in East-Coast road rap fights, he holds huge impact over the contemporary fight rap scene, with numerous cutting edge fight rappers recognizing his effect.

Close by Troy “Smack White” Mitchell, Mook acquired notoriety on road hip-jump DVDs, procuring recognition for his immaculate conveyance, swarm control, expressive ability, and relentless consistency. Viewed as a legend, Mook remains as a banner conveyor for the essential time of fight rap.

Notwithstanding his performance career, Murda Mook is an establishing individual from the Harlem-based rap bunch Dab Horde. The gathering, containing Mook, his cousin T-Rex, Dutch Brown, and others, has cemented its spot in the rap scene. Subsidiary with A&R Louie Da thirteenth and Trav Da Assasin, Dab Horde flaunts relationship with different specialists, including Watts rapper Daylyt, Pittsburgh rapper Genuine article, Baltimore rapper Tay Roc, and publicity man/maker Sho Gotti, displaying Mook’s expansive effect on the hip-jump local area.

Specifications Details
Professional Name Murda Mook
Birth Name John Ancrum
Born December 15, 1984
Origin Harlem, New York, United States
Age 39
Genres Hip hop
Years Active 2002-present
Labels Conglomerate, Ruff Ryders Indy, Black Face Ent. (former)

Murda Mook Career

Murda Mook’s career expanded in the domain of fight rap, at first going head to head against remarkable Harlem partners like T-Rex and Stacked Lux. His leading edge second happened in 2002 on a S.M.A.C.K. DVD, where he participated in an essential fight against Jae Millz, broadcast on MTV’s Making the Band.

This conflict, highlighting two rising stars, became one of the most compelling rap clashes ever. All through his career, Mook experienced different adversaries, including Party Refined, Serius Jones, and Youthful Hot in 2008, following unique rivals Cassidy and Reed Dollaz pulling out.


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Considered a remarkable person in present day fight rap, Murda Mook’s effect reaches out to A definitive Rap Association (URL). Past S.M.A.C.K., he exhibited his abilities on MTV2’s Monday Night Battle Klub and got back to URL for fights against Iron Solomon, a rematch with Stacked Lux on meld television’s All out Butcher, and a 2-on-2 match at U.R.L’s. Late spring Effect Reloaded occasion.

Notwithstanding getting down on Drake for a rap fight at a URL occasion, the two craftsmen have explained their absence of hostility. Mook’s presentation collection, “Murder He Composed,” dropped in 2007, and he kept delivering and highlighting on New York mixtapes. In 2011, Mook endorsed with Ruff Ryders, adding to the song of devotion “You Know (Ruff Ryders Hymn 11).” After the name’s freedom, his music saw no delivery, provoking a transition to Busta Rhymes’ Combination record mark in 2016.

While his future collection is still in progress, Mook remained dynamic, taking part in Speck Horde’s mixtape “Voices” in 2016. His assorted career likewise remembers an appearance for the Ruff Ryders Code at the 2012 BET Hip Jump Grants. Quite, in November 2022, he went head to head against Compton legend Geechi Gotti at the Homecoming occasion, adding one more section to his famous fight rap venture.

Murda Mook Early Life

John Ancrum, otherwise called Murda Mook, initially hails from Boston, Massachusetts, yet his childhood in Harlem has formed his way of life as a glad New Yorker. During his early stages, he was effectively associated with sports, especially b-ball, and displayed his abilities at Fordham Private academy situated in The Bronx. Following his time at Fordham Prep, Ancrum sought after advanced education at Elms School in Chicopee, Massachusetts, where he zeroed in on a significant in Marketing.

In spite of these insights regarding his scholar and athletic foundation, explicit data about Murda Mook’s family foundation, including insights concerning his folks and kin, stays undisclosed. The rapper has kept a degree of security concerning his own life, maintaining the emphasis on his career and commitments to the hip-bounce scene.

Murda Mook Conjugal Life

Murda Mook is a hitched man, living with his wife. Several offers a little girl together. While it is affirmed that they have one little girl, insights concerning the absolute number of kids in the family stay undisclosed.


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The rapper, known for keeping his own life hidden, has not freely unveiled additional data about his family, including the personality of his wife and any extra youngsters they might have. Mook’s obligation to keeping a degree of protection around his day to day life mirrors his emphasis on isolating individual matters from his public persona at the center of attention.

For what reason was Murda Mook Arrested?

Murda Mook was arrested over the course of the end of the week following a police a showdown at his home, recorded on Instagram Live. The rapper scrutinized the officials, claiming they broke the locks to enter. Regardless of prior guarantees that he wasn’t set to be locked up, specialists later educated Mook regarding his capture, training him to get into a shirt.

The explanation given was an allegation of scratching his little girl’s arm, a case he eagerly denied, stating that his girl had scratched herself. The conditions encompassing Mook’s capture hence focus on a disagreement regarding the supposed episode including his girl.

How did Murda Mook Respond?

Murda Mook was engaged with an end of the week episode where he recorded police standing up to him on Instagram Live. The rapper challenged the officials’ presence, claiming they effectively entered by breaking locks. Notwithstanding prior statements that he wasn’t set to be taken to jail, specialists later coordinated Mook to get into a shirt as they arrested him.

The capture was supposedly in light of an allegation of scratching his girl’s arm, a case Mook firmly disproved, demanding that his little girl had scratched herself. The unfurling occasions focus on a disagreement regarding the conditions encompassing the supposed injury to his little girl.


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Murda Mook (@murdamookez)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Rapper Murda Mook Arrested – FAQs

1. For what reason was Murda Mook arrested?
Murda Mook was arrested following a police a showdown at his home. The explanation accommodated his capture was an allegation of scratching his little girl’s arm, a case that the rapper eagerly denied.

2. How did Murda Mook respond?
The conditions encompassing Murda Mook’s capture spun around a question in regards to the supposed scratching of his girl’s arm. Albeit at first told he wasn’t set to be taken to jail, specialists later educated him to get into a shirt as they put him in care in view of the allegation.

3. Who is Murda Mook?
Murda Mook, whose genuine name is John Ancrum, is a conspicuous Harlem rapper famous for his outcome in the fight rap field. He acquired distinction for going head to head against notable rappers and is viewed as a remarkable person in present day fight rap, impacting numerous in A definitive Rap Association (URL).

4. Is Murda Mook hitched?
Indeed, Murda Mook is a hitched man. He lives with his wife, and two or three has somewhere around one girl. Nonetheless, explicit insights regarding his family, including the character of his wife and the absolute number of kids, are not openly revealed.

5. How did Murda Mook report his capture?
Murda Mook recorded the police a conflict and capture on Instagram Live throughout the end of the week. All through the livestream, he examined the officials concerning their presence in his home and challenged the explanations behind his capture, giving an ongoing record of the unfurling occasions.

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