Was Janet Jackson Pregnant In 1980s? Documentary Adresses Her Secret Child Tiffany Whyte Is Just A Rumor

Janet Jackson has tended to long-running reports that she had a mysterious kid with her ex James DeBarge during the 1980s.

Following theories that started when she was on the arrangement of season 4 of the NBC series ‘Distinction’ in 1984. The acclaimed vocalist has denied all reports in her new two-section narrative, which was delivered on Friday.


Was Janet Jackson Pregnant In the 1980s With The Secret Child? The talk of Janet Jackson being pregnant during the 1980s with a mysterious youngster is a deception. On the initial two hours of her “Janet” docuseries for A&E on Friday night, Janet provided her fans with a reasonable perspective on the circumstance.

One of the most expected parts of the narrative was her tending to persevering reports about her mysterious youngster with James DeBarge. There was gossip that she supposedly brought up that kid with her sister Rebbie to keep up with the ploy.

Anybody expecting a stunning disclosure will be baffled, as Jackson has formally called the bits of hearsay BS. There were a few hypotheses made with regards to her girl.

“They said I was bringing up her girl,” Rebbie added. “I was unable to trust my eyes. I don’t know where that strange thought came from.”

Janet separates as she reviews those bogus cases, “first they said my niece Brandi was my girl and that I gave her to [brother] Jackie to raise. And afterward they began saying it was Stevanna on the grounds that Randy’s girl looks such a lot of like me”, she added.

Nonetheless, she kept all from getting the bogus complaints and uncovered that it was the conception prevention pills she was taking that made her benefit weight.

She proceeded to say that regardless of whether they had a youngster together, she “would never get a kid far from James.” “How is it that I could get a kid far from their dad?” she pondered. That isn’t right.”

Is Janet Jackson Daughter Tiffany Whyte? Tiffany Whyte was accepted to be the girl of Janet Jackson and her first spouse, James DeBarge. She professed to be the mysterious offspring of the couple on the show, “Growing Up Hip Hop.”

She acquired a ton of consideration following the declaration and a few DNA testing were additionally performed. Tiffany and James’ mom, Etterlene DeBarge met and took a DNA test, which uncovered a 96.7 percent chance of relatedness.

From that point forward, a subsequent DNA test among James’ and Tiffany’s DNA has been performed. Also the outcomes reasoned that there is no match and that James can’t be Tiffany’s dad.

Following the occurrence, the case, just as Tiffany, was pushed into the spotlight. Yet again in any case, the bits of hearsay blurred and her kid turned into a secret.

Jackson at last had a kid, Eissa, with her alienated spouse, Wissam Al Mana, in 2017. Recently, the young person commended his fifth birthday celebration.

“You’re growing up so rapidly,” Jackson said on Instagram. “What a wonderful, smart kid. I wish you a daily existence brimming with mysterious encounters.”

Janet Jackson Partner In 2022 Janet Jackson had an accomplice named, Wissam Al Mana with whom she had a child, be that as it may, the couple got separated. Also starting at 2022, she is single dealing with her youngster.

Wissam Al Mana was her third spouse. Be that as it may, their marriage couldn’t endure and the pair declared their separation in April 2017. It was three months after the introduction of their child Eissa.

Her first spouse was artist James DeBarge, a R&B artist who was likewise an individual from the DeBarge family vocal gathering. They wedded in 1984, yet the association was immediately dissolved in 1985.

She depicts her first marriage for of acquiring freedom from her oppressive dad.

René Elizondo Jr., a Mexican-born artist and music video chief, was her subsequent stroll down the path. From 1991 to 2000, they were hitched.