Who are the Mana Band members?

Mana Musicians are Fher Olvera, Alex Gonzalez, Sergio Vallin, and Juan Calleros. They are the biggest and most famous pop-rock Latin craftsmen from Mexico.

The melodic gathering has won eight Latin Grammy Grants, nineteen Bulletin Latin Music Grants, and six Premios Juventud grants. The band has had honorable accomplishments during the residency of its melodic profession.


The band draws motivation from the sound of moderate stone, Latin pop, Calypso, Reggae, Ska, and pop stone. Their music is slow and smooth and uses customary instruments like Teponaztli.

Background information
Also known as Sombrero Verde (1981–1987)
Origin Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Latin pop
  • rock en español
Years active 1981–present
  • WEA International
  • Fher Olvera
  • Alex González
  • Sergio Vallín
  • Juan Calleros
Past members
  • Ulises Calleros
  • Iván González
  • Abraham Calleros
  • César “Vampiro” López
  • Gustavo Orozco
  • Sheila Ríos

Mana became famous subsequent to delivering their most memorable hit single, “Rayando El Sol.” Mana acquired positive reputation inside Latin nations like Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Ecuador.

The gathering made business progress in 1991 with their collection Donde Jugaran Los Ninos? Mana happened to worldwide visit in 1994, where they performed 268 shows in 17 nations.

The Mana Musicians names are Fher Olvera, Alex Gonzalez, Sergio Vallin, and Juan Ramos. They are the gathering’s center individuals and are as yet dynamic since joining the band; the musicians are from Guadalajara, Mexico.

The Mexico-based band has worked together with craftsmen like Santana, Christian Nodal, Ruler Royce, and numerous others.

Fhera Olvera is known for his lead vocals and for playing numerous instruments in the band. He is likewise knowledgeable in harmonica. The craftsman is a writer, performer, and lead vocalist.

The craftsman, close by his band, has 40 million deals of their collection around the world; they are perhaps of the best band in the country. The craftsman has likewise delivered a couple of solo tunes, yet his work for the most part concerns the Mana band.

Alex Gonzalez came to prominence after Mana’s collection “Donde Jugaran Los Ninos?” And got a RIAA gold certificate in the U.S. The drummer is enlivened by specialists like Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, Neil Peart, and Terry Bozzio.

The artist got significant publicity in the U.S. in 1993 for his particular playing style. The craftsman has played all through the world during the band’s worldwide shows. Gonzalez particularly involves DW Drums and lean towards them also.

Sergio Vallin’s playing style, character, and social nature made him an incredible expansion to the Band bunch after Kiko Cibran found him, and the band’s lead entertainer encouraged him to join the gathering.

The craftsman worked with Los Panchos and delivered their four studio collection, which are Suenos Liquidos (1997), Revolucion de Love (2002), Show Y Luz (2011), and Cama Incendida (2015).

The performer likewise has delivered two independent collections named Favored among the ladies and Microsinfonias. Juan is a bass guitarist; he for the most part makes melodies. He is perhaps of the most seasoned part in the band, yet he has in any case upheld his bandmates all through their excursion to achieve these benchmarks in Latin music.

The previous musicians are Ulises Calleros, Ivan Gonzalez, Abraham Calleros, Cesar Lopez, Gustavo Orozco, and Sheila Rios.

Mana Musicians ages range from 63 to 50 years of age. The previous individual from the band, Cesar Lopez age is 55 years of age. He was born on Walk 19, 1968.

Quite possibly of the biggest band in Latin America, Mana is famous overall through its sexy, emotional, and floating music that caught the consideration of millions of audiences. The musicians and their ages are as per the following;

Fher Olvera is 63 years of age. He was participated in music from his adolescent years. He joined the band in 1978. Consequently, the four musicians governed the 80s period of Latin music.

Alex Gonzalez is 54 years of age. He is lyricist who plays drums for Mana Band. He was born on February 24, 1969, in Miami, Florida, U.S. Gonzalez is known as “El Creature” for his vocals.

Sergio Vallin is the 50 year old guitarist of Mana; he took the nickname “Hidrocarlido”. He was a guitar devotee from right off the bat as the groups like The Beatles enlivened him early in life.

Juan Ramos is a 60 years of age performer from Mexico. The craftsman and Fhera and his brothers shaped the Mana bunch in 1986. The gathering actually performs music at celebrations.

Mana Mexican band importance alludes to something from the Polynesian language which means positive energy. The early originators, as Fher Olvera and Juan, settled on the band’s name.

They are a seriously well known pop-musical gang who have needed to give staggering tunes to the most recent thirty years. Their persuasions are well established in Mexican culture, as they were one of the trailblazers of a musical gang that roused another age of craftsmen after their prosperity.

The band has gotten various distinctions and awards. Their name is famous all through the world; their achievements are as per the following;

The individuals from the Mana band have effectively delivered nine studio collections, seven assemblage collections, 31 singles, and 37 music recordings.

Mana is a 42-year-old band it has laid out a critical inheritance and turned with specialists like The Birds and Kanye West. They are top of the line Latin stone collection ever, with 10 million duplicates of deals all around the world.

The band’s top of the line collections are Donde Jugaran Los Ninos ?, Cuando Los Angeles Lloran, Suenos Liquidos, Amar es Combatir, Show y Luz, and Cama Incendiada. Mana’s best tunes are as per the following;

Per Superstar Total assets, Mana Band total assets is $10 million bucks. The band sold around 10 million records around the world, including global visits. The band is making a fortune.

Mana band has around 5.42 million supporters on their Youtube channel and has amassed more than 5.5 billion perspectives. They are probably going to procure in excess of 100 thousand bucks yearly. Also, the brand markets its shows, visits, and live events on Instagram.

They appear to acquire in excess of 100 thousand bucks yearly from the deals of their passes and show exhibitions. In addition, the vocalists are as yet delivering their collections and singles, developing their abundance further.

Mana is perhaps of the most extravagant band in Mexico, they have fans from one side of the planet to the other, and they keep on going on global visits too.