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Rock craftsman Veronica Stigeler, frequently known as Sovereign V, started out in the music business in the mid 2000s as an entertainer in New York City clubs. She did, in any case, become notable after she marry television football savant and previous linebacker Bill Cowher. Two or three has been partaking in a cheerful wedded life for quite a while.

In the in the mean time, Cowher, Veronica’s mate, and Veronica are in their subsequent marriage. What made their most memorable marriage fizzle, then, at that point? Do they keep a friendly association with their previous accomplices? Here are the particulars!

What Is Veronica Stigeler’s Age? Data About Her Experience growing up
Starting around 2021, Veronica is 47 years of age. She was raised by her folks in New Jersey in the wake of being born there on February 23, 1974. In light of her identity, she is American and her nationality is Caucasian. Her family’s particulars have not yet been unveiled to the media.

Born: May 8, 1957 (age 66)
Crafton, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Height: 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Weight: 225 lb (102 kg)
Career information
High school: Carlynton
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
College: NC State
Undrafted: 1979

Veronica Stigeler: Who Is She?
Veronica Cowher is the spouse of Bill Cowher. She started her melodic profession as a singer, singing at clubs like Wear Slope’s and CBGB in New York City. In 2002, she put out an EP named Basic. The stone diva and her band began two visits the following year, opening for Billy Icon and Curved Sister, a previous weighty metal band.

The gathering won the WDHA Local Spotlight Clash of the Groups in 2005. They then contended in a XM Radio rivalry and the 2013 Ernie Ball Clash of the Groups. Likewise, Stigeler has chipped away at different ventures with different craftsmen during her vocation.

Among them is her joint effort on 2013’s The Ten years of Sovereign V with acclaimed Fury Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello.

Veronica Stigeler is a skilled performer.

Moreover, Stigeler teamed up on the tune Squandered with the late, multi-gifted entertainer Lemmy. In Nashville, she likewise recorded Extensions Vol. 2 of every 2017. After two years, Sovereign teamed up on Extensions Vol. 3 with Grammy champ Chad Carlson.


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Veronica as of late delivered the single “Solid” in 2020. She additionally delivered the uptempo tunes “Get Away (Isolated)” and “Alone” in 2021. She additionally runs the “Sovereign V” YouTube channel.

In her music video, Veronica’s companion Bill Cowher shows up.

Charge, Veronica’s ex, showed up in the music video for “Sob hysterically” in June 2013. For the task, he was the original medieval thug. Hitherto, the video has had 279k perspectives.

Connection Between Veronica Stigeler and Bil Cowher
The two at first met soon after the 2010 passing of Bill’s most memorable spouse, Kaye. Stigeler had as of late gotten separated, in this manner at that point, they were both going through awful times.

Once more, bill in no way wanted to date, however in the wake of meeting Veronica, everything changed. The previous NFL extraordinary was rarely something very similar. Subsequent to becoming friends in their most memorable experiences and starting a relationship, the pair opened up to the world in late 2010. In reality, the couple started their public appearances together a while before their declaration of their relationship.

On April 29, 2010, Veronica and Bill were first noticed together at CAA in Los Angeles, California. A short time later, the two showed up in a few consolidated appearances.

When Was Their Wedding?
Back in May 2014, Veronica Stigeler-Cowher and Bill Cowher traded promises in an unassuming service. Despite the fact that they have been hitched for north of seven years, their relationship is as yet youthful. They have been hitched for quite a while, yet they have never had a youngster together.

With his late spouse, Kaye Cowher, Bill Cowher is the dad of three kids.

April 1983 saw the previous blazes get hitched. They were together until July 23, 2010, Kaye’s sad demise. At 54 years old, Bill Cringe’s late mate died from skin malignant growth. She had played ball expertly and for a ladies’ school. Together, they were guardians to three youngsters: Lindsay Morgan, Lauren Marie, and Meagan Lyn.

Veronica Had One more Marriage Previously
Like her life partner Bill, Veronica had been hitched previously. We truly do realize that she lived with her ex for a lot of time, regardless of the way that their character is obscure. All things considered, Stigeler had quite recently gotten separated from in 2010 when she met her current spouse.

In 2020, Veronica and her better half Bill both had positive Coronavirus tests. The previous linebacker expressed that in the wake of showing up back in New York after a get-away to Honolulu, the two of them lost their capacity to taste and smell. This is a part of what he said:

“I accept I got it in New York with everybody voyaging and arriving at Newark air terminal all the while.” around then, there was no closure and the infection was coming from Europe. That weekend, we likewise several restaurants in New York. Who can say? There were Chinese migrants in Honolulu and European foreigners in Newark.

All out Worth
Veronica is believed to be valued at $1 million. She and her life partner by and by live in Manhattan, New York. Back in June 2018, the couple promoted their previous North Carolina house for $2.39 million. A later deal brought $1.845 million. The 6,500-square-foot, four-room home was bought by Cowher for $1 million back in 2007.

Charge, Veronica’s significant other, is believed to be valued at $18 million. He has amassed a significant abundance from his fruitful NFL profession. At 28 years old, he was employed by Marty Schottenheimer of the Cleveland Browns to act as their most memorable mentor. Prior to joining CBS in mid 2007 as an examiner for The NFL Today, Cowher functioned as a mentor for something like 20 years.