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Dennis Wolf is a German previous expert jock whose significant expert vocation titles came at the 2007 Keystone Pro Classic, the 2011 Australian Pro, the 2012 EVLS Prague Pro, the 2014 Arnold Classic, the 2014 Arnold Classic Europe, and the 2014 EVLS Prague Pro.

He had completed as a sprinter up at the 2011 Arnold Classic, the 2012 Arnold Classic, the 2012 Arnold Classic Europe, and the 2014 San Marino Pro.

Dennis had stood third at the 2006 Grand Prix Spain, the 2007 New York Pro, the 2010 New York Pro, the 2013 Mr. Olympia, and the 2013 Arnold Classic Europe.

Height 5 ft 11 in
Weight 120 kg
Date of Birth October 30, 1978
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Spouse Katja Wolf

Born in the past USSR, Dennis and his family moved to Germany in 1992. At the point when USSR started to crumble in 1990, his mom had considered this to be a valuable chance to get back to her noteworthy country in Germany, a fantasy of hers for a very long time.

After arriving at Germany however, Dennis needed to manage a ton of issues. He found it very challenging to get by with no information on the German language. As there were no Russian-talking classes, in the space that he resided in, where kids could learn German, he had gotten through a great deal of trouble in making companions.

Around the time he was 16, he had taken up hand to hand fighting which prompted him fostering an interest in weight lifting and working out. It was then that he had signed up for a neighborhood rec center in Marl, the German city where his family had settled.

Subsequent to finishing his tutoring, he began getting by working a few random temp jobs including painting houses and introducing windows.

To genuinely seek after a vocation in working out, he had begun going to a great deal of expert courses, taking guidance from master weight lifters, and concentrating on a ton of writing on the theme.

He at last took part in his most memorable rivalry in 1999 and stood fourth. Soon thereafter, he had stood second in the heavyweight division of the Newcomer IFBB (International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness) occasion.

It was shortly after he turned into the German hero in 2003, however, that he had chosen to commit himself totally to lifting weights. He turned into an expert in 2005.

A multilingual, he is familiar with English, German, and Russian. He had likewise made a video about working out in Russian to recognize his Russian-talking fans who had followed his vocation subsequent to finding that he was born in the recent USSR.

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