Diego Carlos Family | Is He Related To Roberto Carlos

Is Roberto Carlos a cousin of Diego Carlos? The way that they share a last name proposes a family association, yet we should go further to get familiar with their ties.

Diego Carlos, a gifted Brazilian expert footballer, keeps on causing disturbances in the football world. He is as of now a unique community back or right-back for Chief Association force to be reckoned with Aston Estate, as indicated by the latest report. Carlos has made progress at the club level and will make Olympic history by procuring a gold decoration at the Late spring Olympics in 2020.


The latest show, nonetheless, has been eclipsed by a minor physical issue for Carlos, which has made a few worry among fans and colleagues. In any case, Aston Estate’s organization is hopeful, expecting a minor mishap.

Full name Diego Carlos Santos Silva
Date of birth 15 March 1993 (age 30)
Place of birth Barra Bonita, São Paulo, Brazil
Height 1.86 m (6 ft 1 in)[2]
Position(s) Centre-back, right-back

Is Diego Carlos’ Dad Connected with Roberto Carlos? Their Connections and Family Ties
Family names convey the heaviness of history, conjuring up pictures of renowned athletes who have graced the game’s most celebrated stages. Carlos is one of these names. While Diego and Roberto Carlos have all the earmarks of being in a committed relationship, the fact of the matter is in the subtleties. How about we start with some foundation on the prestigious Roberto Carlos.


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His rankling free kicks and ravaging runs down the left wing established his place in football history. He was born in So Paulo’s Garça area. Roberto Carlos had a permanent engraving on the game, and his heritage will live on. Diego Carlos was born in Barra Bonita, So Paulo, on Walk 15, 1993.

His complete name, Diego Carlos Santos Silva, addresses an unassuming family foundation, with his folks functioning as a watchmaker and a needle worker, separately. However, do these two Carloses share in excess of a last name? The response is unequivocally no. Diego Carlos and Roberto Carlos are not related by blood or name.

Their family name is “Carlos,” which is gotten from the Latin word “carolus,” and that signifies “man.” While their lives have remarkable equals — both were born in So Paulo, are the children of experts, are protectors in terms of professional career, have played in Europe, and have addressed their nations — their disparities are likewise self-evident.

Diego and Roberto Carlos are not related because of their unmistakable center names, different birthdates, particular physical qualities, playing styles, and profession ways. What joins them is their common enthusiasm for the delightful game, as they have both acquired their stripes on the global stage, gladly addressing Brazil and making a permanent imprint on the football world.

Roberto Carlos: A Family and Football Excursion
Roberto Carlos, the eminent Brazilian player known for his loud free-kicks and ravaging runs down the left flank, has a story that goes past the field. His family ancestry fundamentally affected his football vocation. He was born in Garça, So Paulo, on April 10, 1973.


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Diego Carlos (@d.carlos03)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

The footballer is the child of Oscar and Vera Lucia da Silva, who offered him chances for progress by means of their steady help and establishment. His day to day life, then again, reaches out a long ways past his folks; it is a distinctive story of affection and association. What’s more, Carlos has been a mentor to 11 youngsters from seven unique ladies, marking the different and changed parts of his life.

Roberto Carlos turned into a granddad in October 2017 after his little girl Giovanna brought forth a kid. This new section stresses the significance of family coherence and the significance of conveying along values and practices. Carlos’ football vocation started in Brazil, where he leveled up his abilities and had a fruitful profession.

His citizenship as a Spanish resident in August 2005 was basic for the two his profession and Genuine Madrid. Past the awards and records, Roberto Carlos’ biography focuses on the significance of family, both in shaping his life and in giving the affection and support that have characterized his exceptional excursion.

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