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Luisito Espinosa is a previous expert fighter from the Philippines. He separated from his significant other, Marie Cherie, in 2005. From 1984 through 2005, he partook and battled in proficient fights. He held the WBA bantamweight title from 1989 to 1991 and the WBC featherweight belt from 1995 to 1999, making him a two-weight best on the planet. The greater part of his battles were planned for the US or the Philippines, while they additionally occurred in Thailand and South Korea.

Aside from being a fighter, he likewise had encounters working in the blended combative techniques scene, which he decided to trail behind he resigned from boxing. He has skill functioning as a coach and battling in the ring. To plan for the yearly Peak Cup, he helped train the College of San Francisco boxing crew from 2006 to 2007. Does Luisito Espinosa Have A Spouse? Luisito is unmarried, yet he was in a conjugal relationship with his ex, Marie Cherie, until 2005.

He has a previous worth forgetting with his significant other. Many subtleties on the web would mirror their association and the start of the relationship. Notwithstanding, it is realized that the previous couple headed out in different directions and that partition had mercilessly impacted the previous fighter. His significant other moved to Arizona with their three kids in the wake of separating from him.

Profession Former Professional Boxer
DOB June 26, 1967
Birthplace Tondo, Manila, Philippines
Nationality Filipino
Marital Status Divorced
Former Wife Marie Cherie
Girlfriend Janet Abrea
Real name Luisito Pio Espinosa
Nickname(s) Lindol (“Earthquake”)
Golden Boy
  • Bantamweight
  • Featherweight
  • Super featherweight
Height 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Reach 69 in (175 cm)
Born June 26, 1967 (age 55)
Tondo, Manila, Philippines
Stance Orthodox
Boxing record
Total fights 60
Wins 47
Wins by KO 26
Losses 13

Espinosa lost his home and briefly dozed in a San Francisco carport. The man, referred to just as Luisito, gathered his packs to burn through three years in the Hongkong after his pal Joey Chan offered him a situation as a coach at a Hong Kong rec center since he battled to earn barely enough to get by.

After the occurrence, Marie Cherie disappeared from the real world, and no one has had the option to find her whereabouts till now. She is accepted to dwell in the USA and has likely continued on in existence with another accomplice. Luisito accepts Marie leaving him is one of the most terrible snapshots of his life, and he endured a great deal during that stage. Nonetheless, he likewise educated numerous life illustrations during that period, so he has turned into an intense fellow who could be broken effectively, neither truly nor inwardly.

Luisito Espinosa’s Total assets In 2022 Luisito is one of the best fighters ever, whose total assets in 2022 is around $1 million.

He was bringing in cash during his pinnacle, yet everything changed when he resigned from the game following a debate with his significant other. He in the end needed to isolate from his significant other and kids, making him destitute and an individual without a task. In the US, he had to work undertakings like stocking stores, flipping burgers, cleaning rugs, and dishwashing.

After an extended nonappearance from the boxing scene, Espinosa got back to the game by showing the Diaz brothers’ kin, Nate and Nick, how to box to better their stand-up. To get ready for the yearly Peak Cup, he likewise helped train the College of San Francisco confining group 2006 and 2007.

He migrated to Hong Kong in November 2014 in the wake of being offered the place of boxing teacher at the Everlast Battle and Wellness Rec center subsequent to losing his work in the US. He won a question for prize cash because of him by the advertisers of his WBC featherweight title safeguard against Argentine Carlos Rios on June 16, 2015, in the wake of battling the matter for a considerable length of time.

Luisito Espinosa Kids And Everyday Life In the wake of being abandoned abroad for north of 20 years, Luisito got back to the Philippines with his two-year-old youngster and sweetheart in 2022.

He is very much acquired and all around regarded by the games sweetheart as his accomplishments were trying to overcome in the days. Notwithstanding being restricted in the hardware, he generally conveyed his best in the ring and became quite possibly of the most recalled previous fighter. He is running a wellness club in his nation of origin and is carrying on with a blissful existence with his little girl, Red, and sweetheart, Janet.

These days, he is a lead trainer of a wellness office where he is seen giving preparation to many hopeful youthful gifts who could influence at the global level on the off chance that legitimate direction and offices are given. It is rousing to notice his life process as he crested and fell radically in his profession and again stood up, confronting every one of the obstacles to satisfy his prerequisites.

Despite the fact that he is without a doubt perhaps of the best contender, he is turning old, which should be visible in his actual developments. He has abilities, yet his body has gotten up with some dreadful infection that keeps him from arriving at his maximum capacity.

Espinosa has hypertension, a broadened heart, and a developed prostate. He routinely gets therapy for his ailment and is in stable wellbeing. To control his circulatory strain, cholesterol, and uric corrosive, he was encouraged to see a cardiologist and urologist and take upkeep drug.

Luisito Espinosa’s Confining Profession Nutshell Luisito was one of the most dreaded warriors during his heyday. He brought home the WBA Bantamweight championship in 1989 in the wake of shocking Khaokor System in the initial round. He was the most notable Filipino title holder and pridefully addressed the country. Prior to giving the title over to Israel Contreras through knockout, Louie effectively guarded it two times.

He in this way progressed and brought home the WBC Featherweight title by overcoming Mexican Manuel Medina. This time, Louie turned out to be notable, and many individuals depended on his prosperity. Prior to losing it to individual Mexican Cesar Soto, he made seven fruitful guards of the WBC Featherweight title. He endeavored to recover the title after that loss however was crushed by Guty Espadas Jr., and his standing was annihilated alongside it.

In any case, things didn’t generally go according to plan, and he had a few family issues and different provokes that made him quit any pretense of battling in the ring. After Cristóbal Cruz took him out, Espinosa had a public racket to quit battling, and he at long last did as such in 2005. He lived in the Los Angeles and San Francisco districts after his retirement.