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Marcos Alonso Mendoza is an expert Spanish football player. He is as of now playing for the Premier League group, Chelsea. He plays from the situation of left-back yet he is every so often considered playing to be a wing-back also.

Beginning his football vocation with Real Madrid, the football player has bobbed off clubs many occasions at this point. He has been essential for crews like Bolton Wanderers, Florentina, Sunderland borrowed, lastly in Chelsea since 2016.

Allow us to find out about Marcos Alonso and investigate why he gets booed and who is his brother.

Marcos Alonso is getting booed in the match among Chelsea and Tottenham.

Full name Marcos Alonso Mendoza
Date of birth 28 December 1990 (age 30)
Place of birth Madrid, Spain
Height 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)[2]
Position(s) Left back / Wing back
Club information
Current team
Number 3

It isn’t extraordinary for contradicting group fans to boo at the adversary colleagues once they get hold of the ball, yet on account of Marcos, it is by all accounts a bit over the top.

The demonstration of booing at footballers is a method of showing support for their group and construct tension for the rival group by the fans yet some of the time they do this is a result of specific individual occurrences of players.

On account of Marcos, the individual explanation is by all accounts the 2011 mishap he was engaged with which brought about a then 22-year-elderly person losing her life.

Getting booed certainly adds strain to the player while he has the ball in his ownership, Marcos should feel awkward because of the conduct of the fans and adherents present at the arena.

Marcos Alonso was engaged with an alcoholic driving mishap causing the demise of a 22-year-old woman.

The football player was accused of driving while over as far as possible, a wrongdoing of careless crime, and causing wild injury as indicated by The Guardian.

In spite of the fact that Marcos figured out how to get away from the jail sentence he wound up paying over a large portion of 1,000,000 dollars because of his wild driving.

At the hour of the mishap, Marcos is supposed to be over as far as possible and driving at 112km each hour in a 50 km each hour zone on a stormy evening. He let completely go over his vehicle and slammed into a low risen stone divider gravely harming the one who later died at the clinic.

Because of the reality, he was driving wildly, Marcos is viewed as a killer by numerous Spanish residents and the local area however he is certifiably not a sentenced killer as indicated by Scorum.

Marcos Alonso’s brother’s name is Miguel Mendoza.

He was additionally one of the travelers of the vehicle when the footballer smashed it into a stone divider back in May 2011. Both Alonso’s brothers were harmed yet they endure the accident.

Marcos comes from a group of football players. His dad Marcos Alonso Peña was additionally an expert football player. He played for Spanish football clubs like Atlético Madrid, Barcelona, and some more.

He likewise addressed Spain in different worldwide matches and games too.

Essentially, Marcos’ granddad Marcos Alonso Imaz was additionally an expert football. He played for football clubs like Real Madrid, Hércules, and some more. He additionally addressed Spain in worldwide matches first in group B and later in the senior group.

Data about Marcos’ mom and grandma has not risen to the top yet.