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In spite of the fact that Whop still can’t seem to start his NFL vocation, seeing him on the field as one of the most amazing wide recipients in the league would excite.

All of us are trusting that his name will be brought in the impending NFL draft. All my all the best go out to him. Moreover, it’s obviously true that Whop will live it up in the NFL on the grounds that his mom ingrained in him a diligent attitude. Wallop, then again, is thankful for all that his folks have accomplished for him.


Slam Philyor Early Life and Parents Beginning with the rudiments, Whop Philyor was born on July 31, 1998, to his folks, Daniel Philyor and Holley Mouling, in Tampa, Florida. He is the oldest of eight kin. Also, he is Herschel Walker’s nephew; subsequently, signing into a football profession was a greater amount of something acquired than a decision.


Real Name Mister Elias De’Angelo Philyor
Birth Date July 31, 1998
Birth Place Tampa, Florida
Nick Name Whop
Religion Not Known
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Education Henry B. Plant High School, Indiana University
Horoscope Leo
Father’sName Daniel Philyor
Mother’sName Holley Mouling
Siblings Seven
Age 23 years old
Height (5 feet 11 inches) 1.8m
Weight 82 kg (180 lbs)
Shoe Size Not known
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Body Measurement Not known
Build Athlete
Marital Status Single
Girlfriend Not known
Position Wide receiver
Profession College Football Player
Net Worth Not known
Salary Not known
Currently Plays for Indiana Hoosiers
Jersey number (#16 Minnesota Vikings)
Career Highlights and Awards Second-team All-Big Ten (2019)
Active Since (2017- present)
Social Media InstagramTwitter
Merch Indiana Hoosiers’ Men Apparel, Sweatshirt
Last Update March, 2022


Football was intended to be a major part of his life regardless of what conditions come his direction. That is the reason Whop probably surrendered his baseball profession to go for football; that is a significant game in his loved ones.

Who are Philyor sisters? Wallop spruced up for the party with his two sisters Well, all thank’s to Whop’s dad Daniel, who was generally after him, directed him every day of the week to fall in a similar genealogy. It was his dad who believed that him should pick football over baseball. What’s more, gradually, Whop likewise got drawn in toward the turf instead of the jewel.

To add on, Whop’s mom, Holley Mouling, adds a great deal of appeal to his life and considers him as that sort of child, who is more similar to an effervescent and vigorous soul, superb, obviously. As each and every other mother does, she additionally cherished him for her entire life. Daniel and Holley got isolated after their thirteen years of marriage, and the two of them share Whop and two girls genially.

How could he get his nickname Whop? All things considered, there is an interesting story behind this as well. His dad, Daniel, was fixated on Burger King’s Whoppers, and later his fatherly side of the family begun referring to him as “Slam.” That’s one more truth; Whop is continuously going to remain De Angelo to his mom.

Everybody has their own inclination, and that is somewhat alright. Daniel would place his child in his dark 1999 Cadillac STS secondary lounge and roll over to the Burger King House on Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa, Florida. Wallop requested a similar food without fail. Slam utilized just to expand up his face cheerfully and say, “I need a Whopper. ”

In any case, Daniel being the coolest single parent, satisfied his interest and requested a Whopper with cheddar for himself and a cheeseburger kids supper for his six-year-old child. Moreover, his dad, Daniel, additionally used to tell wisecracks about him, saying,\s”If he will eat record-breaking, then he will transform into Whopper. At the point when he was youthful, Daniel referenced him saying, “Little Whop, yet presently he is truly Whop.”

In any case, the nickname stalled out to him, and at last, Daniel and others began calling him his number one dish. Attributes that Whop instilled from his dad and mom

Philyor loved ones Wallop was a chipper, joyful, and ridiculous child since the absolute starting point. He was instructed to grin regardless of what circumstance comes in his day to day existence.
To boot on, he was a jack of all and an expert of one sort of individual. Alright, that is not a right expression once more, however it squeezes into his personality.

Sources guarantee he is part Energizer Bunny, part professional comic, and a full wide recipient. Keeping these multi-capable abilities to the side, Whop additionally has instilled certainty and inspiration from his dad. He has conveyed that agreeable mentality alongside himself and is delicate gladdened, normally doesn’t keep the feelings of spite.

That is when Whop just prepared himself to stay intense in any emergency. Then again, even Whop, who is 5 feet 11 inches, was disappointed with being the littlest of the multitude of cousins. His more youthful sisters were more immense than him, and he is the most seasoned of all. Also, that appeared to be very out of line to him. Also, Whop’s mom, Holley, has likewise ingrained many qualities in him. Subsequent to living with his mother, he knew what the worth of cash and difficult work is. Cash simply doesn’t come without any problem.

Slam had a more established brother, who is no more. Indeed, the story is very miserable; the Philyors could just face the injury that right away hit their life prior to becoming separated. Daniel and Holley had a child before Whop, who died at 1 years old in April 1998 subsequent to tumbling off a second-floor window.

Furthermore, Holley was around a half year pregnant with Whop when the difficult occurrence occurred. That second changed tolerantly changed the whole idea of life as a parent in their life. They were more cognizant, smart, and touchy about their subsequent youngster, Whop now. Holley and Daniel both shared a lot of tattle about their first youngster to Whop and did all that they intended to do with their first child. Nurturing with full mindfulness, sharpness and power got some extra.

About Whop’s folks Daniel, his dad, stayed a semipro football player when Whop was born. Also, he was more anxious to send off his child into the games field straightaway. Accordingly, he took Whop on the field by 3 years of age, which was very not satisfactory to a baby. When, Whop turned 7, his dad Daniel made them run on the b-ball court. Daniel ensured that his child Whop snatches an abrupt interest in sports at any expense.

Wallop with his mom at Henry B. Plant High School What’s more, the outcome was seen genuinely early. Slam scored a 75-yard score as a fullback in his first Pop Warner game. Alright, not referencing his mom would be a wrongdoing here in light of the fact that Whop’s mother, Holley, plays additionally had an impact in developing a solid profession and trim him effectively.

She, at the end of the day, maintained three sources of income each day to procure bread and butter for her children. She was a federal medical care supplier with her own staffing firm. Holley sort of ceased from eating so her children would eat bounteously.

She ensured that her children didn’t miss the mark concerning cash during their school and school life. She was forcefully satisfying every one of their requirements and requests without griping about the difficult work that she needed to place into.

Wallop Philyor High school and College Career Experiencing childhood in Tampa, Florida, Whop went to Henry B. Plant High School. Wallop yielded 91 passes for 1329 yards and 20 scores as a senior. Indeed, during his secondary school, an inception to an incredible companionship began.

From that very time, he realized Indiana Head mentor Tom Allen and played with Allen’s child. Wallop got along very well with Allen’s child, Thomas, and from that point forward, when they were by the field house, he played there as well as embraced Allen each time they met.

Allen additionally began calling him as, “Doozy.” Actually, the lead trainer was totally satisfied with Whop’s trying character and recognized him more. Notwithstanding, not all things be smooth and cruising in his life.

Slam was at that point going through private matters while intending to thrive in his four years of the great school vocation. Just Whop knows what he probably felt moving to and fro to various homes.

Slam was left with moving starting with one spot then onto the next, here and there he had his residing at his father’s home and once in a while at his grandmother’s home. He missed his mother’s presence as she needed to move to Florida for family stuff.

In the interim, Whop additionally needed to address physical injury; he hurt his knee as a first year recruit in the wake of being put in the varsity group. At long last, things became alright for Whop during his senior year at Plan. He had a barraging year.

The plant got its triumph over the initial 13 games prior to losing in the Class 7A state title game to Fort Lauderdale force to be reckoned with St. Thomas Aquinas, which remembered 17 Division I players for that title game on the program position.

Indiana Hoosiers In spite of the fact that achievement and notoriety shone somewhat late during his secondary school, karma and difficult work bafflingly preferred him. His big senior year got him owned up to Indiana University and successively turned into a champion for the group, Indiana Hoosiers.

He turned out to be famous to such an extent that he is had a profound knowledge of Indiana’s LEO (Love Each Other) development. Wallop was a 3-star enlist emerging from Plant and was the 199th position collector in the country.

He quickly turned into a fan number one. He is known as Whop or hotshot Whop to some. At the point when gotten some information about him, not everything except the vast majority of the Indiana football fans value him as the head of an Indiana offense.

Perhaps the most grounded motivation to pick Indiana was his mother’s call. It was all the trust thing going on. Holley realized his child would have the best mentors there to direct him. Furthermore, what difference would it make? Slam had solid binds with the protective facilitator and presently the lead trainer for Indiana, Tom Allen.

Slam’s previous partner and Allen’s child, Thomas at Plant, presently filled in as a linebacker at IU. He, simultaneously, assumed a massive part in welcoming Whop to Indiana. Thomas referenced all of the time, “Slam, it’s wonderful here. You must visit and see here.” He was a host to Whop.

The universally adored As sources guarantee, Whop simply figures out how to turn into the universally adored any place he goes. William Inge, who is the exceptional group mentor at Indiana, simply doesn’t become weary of talking an adequate number of beneficial things about Whop.

William likewise referenced that “Slam is one of those players who can effectively take his group to that triumphant edge. The enthusiastic soul that he brings to the crew is exceptional, and the pursuit to substantiate himself best is additionally recommendable simultaneously.”

The unique group mentor likewise said, “Football is a BYOJ sport that represents bringing your Own Juice. Also, Whop accepts it as a genuine errand and does that consistently. The group builds up their energy level and execution level in view of