Yumi Suzuki Parents Ethnicity

At the 2018 Winter Olympics, the group won bronze, and they won silver at the 2022 Winter Olympics. Yumi Suzuki Parents Ethnicity Yumi Suzuki’s folks haven’t shared any data about their identity. Satsuki Fujisawa, a four-time Japanese hero skip at that point, joined the Motohashi arena in May 2015.

As a result of her pregnancy, Motohashi moved to substitute, and Fujisawa assumed control over the arena of third Chinami Yoshida, second Yumi Suzuki, and lead Yurika Yoshida.


They encountered worldwide accomplishment as Japan’s public group during the 2015-16 season, catching gold at the 2015 Pacific-Asia Curling Championships and silver at the 2016 World Women’s Curling Championship, Japan’s very first big showdown decoration.

Suzuki, in the mean time, acquired her first public title with the group in the 2016 Japan Curling Championships. At the 2016 Pacific-Asia Curling Championships, the group took bronze, and they took silver at the 2017 Pacific-Asia Curling Championships.

Yumi Suzuki Parents Age: How Old Are They? Yumi Suzuki’s folks haven’t shared any data about their age and date of birth on the web. Suzuki’s age is 30 years of age, and her date of birth is December 2, 1991. Her stature is 1.46 m, and her weight is 46 kg. Suzuki’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Suzuki was born in the Hokkaido town of Kitami. Whenever Suzuki was in primary school, she started twisting. She acquired a Bachelor of Engineering certification in 2014 from Asahikawa National College of Technology and Kitami Institute of Technology.

Suzuki started his vocation with Abashiri Trust Bank however at that point moved to Kitami City Physical Education Association to zero in just on twisting. Suzuki functions as an office specialist right now.

Yumi Suzuki Parents Career Wikipedia has highlighted Yumi Suzuki on its true page, however her folks are yet to be included on the authority page. With Chinami Yoshida, Yurika Yoshida, and Kaho Onodera, Suzuki was an individual from the “Tokoro Junior High School Robins.” They were the Hokkaido agent at the Japan Curling Championships in 2006 and 2007, completing third.

For the 2014-15 season, Suzuki and partners Mari Motohashi and Yurika Yoshida enrolled previous skip Chinami Yoshida to their group at third. She procured her first World Curling Tour title with the 2014 Avonair Cash Spiel group.

Later that season, they lost in the public title last to the Ogasawara arena, passing up the spot in the big showdowns. Meet Yumi Suzuki Parents Children Yumi Suzuki and Nick Kendall are the offspring of Yumi’s folks.

Suzuki contended at the 2018 Pacific-Asia Curling Championships for the subsequent time. Her group went undefeated in the cooperative effort, going 6-0, yet tumbled to the Koreans in the last.

The next month, she vied for Japan in the second leg of the 2018-19 Curling World Cup in Omaha, Nebraska, which her group won, overcoming Kim and her South Korean arena in the last.

Meet Yumi Suzuki Parents On Instagram Yumi Suzuki’s folks don’t deal with an Instagram account. Their girl Yumi Suzuki additionally doesn’t deal with an Instagram account. She wishes to keep her Instagram account out of media reach.