Who Did Johnny Bananas Cheat With? Johnny Devenanzio Cheating Video Scandal And Partner Details


Johnny Bananas is one of the famous TV characters. He is most popular for his support in The MTV unscripted TV drama called ‘Tha Challenge’. He got going his vocation through his essence in the seventeenth period of ‘Genuine World’.

In the wake of being the host of NBC first look, there has been no thinking back for the entertainer cum media individual. He is continually seen on our screens and his own life has produced the most interest. We should get bits of knowledge into how the Bananas betrayed his significant other.


Who Did Johnny Bananas Cheat With? Johnny Bananas and his significant other Morgan Willett were glorified by great many MTV ‘The Challenge’ fans. Individuals would never envision that these two could turn out badly in any piece of life. In any case, connections are not daylight and blossoms. Things can get obscure on occasion.

To everyone’s shock, Johnny’s accomplice Morgan uncovered on her Instagram that she was undermined and needed to head out in different directions. She further added that individuals who followed her excursion in the MTV show could call her a charlatan however she was physically wounded by the disclosure.

It was said that she began dating Johnny while she was as yet involved with the Survivor hopeful Jay. Morgan said that she knows that general society may approve of what befell her as she merited it considering her past. Be that as it may, the TV character was not accusing anyone however was physically stung.

Willett’s sister Alex likewise censured bananas’ demonstration and called it out on the media.

Johnny Devenanzio Cheating Video After his accomplice Morgan uncovered that Johnny undermined her, a video began circling on various web-based media stages. It highlighted Johnny getting comfortable and private with another woman who was certainly not Morgan.

Regardless of whether the video appeared obscure and the individual in it couldn’t be distinguished, one thing was certain that it was not Morgan. This brought about demonstrating her claims against her soul mate right.

The piece was posted by @thechallengeshaderoom and presently Twitter and Instagram can’t quit discussing the case. Notwithstanding, the lady’s personality is yet to be uncovered. There isn’t anything been aware of her other than her hair tone; dim brown.

Johnny Bananas Partner On Instagram Johnny Banans’ accomplice was Morgan Willet and we could see their PDA frequently on Instagram. The couple never truly wondered whether or not to show their adoration and warmth openly.

Presently the photos are as of now not accessible for both of them. The two of them have a significant after on their online media and have the ability to impact a large number.