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“The power of the voice is magic! The real magic is for the voice to be heard.”

Maria Ferrer has been coaching singers and vocalists for 13 years, focusing on individuals of all ages and abilities.

Based in Los Angeles, USA, her independent dream to create a coaching business like Queen Vision Entertainment launched off in 2009.

Since then, Maria has been actively working toward educating vocalists while also raising a son singlehandedly.

Her deep care for evolvement and skill development remarkably helps music lovers to achieve their higher potential, strengthen their vocal range and power of the voice.

Due to living in several countries due to her parent having a military career, Maria experienced different cultures and social diversities.

Her Filipino descent has mixed with the influence of Okinawa, Japan, and Las Vegas, Nevada, a few of the destinations Maria’s been local with.

Maria’s passion for music is mixed. R&B, hip hop, and old school music- few from the selection she’s getting her inspiration from.

Her TikTok channel has grown to be a favorite for the 90s kids, who enjoy a look back to the decade.

Maria combines all-around famous old school or rap or hip hop songs with witty remarks about 90s situations.

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♬ original sound – Maria Ferrer 🇵🇭🎶

Her son Joshua also participates in TikTok posts, collaborating with his mother for the hilarious clips.

Queen Maria has an active social media presence which helps her reach more singers and people who need help.

Her warm motherly approach to those who want to be coached is unique and heartily appreciated.

And not is she just a media influencer followed by over 160K Instagram followers, her podcast The 90s Homegirl Podcast is growingly reaching a wide audience and collecting popularity in the music lovers circles and groups on media.

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