Avenue Beat Lowkey FK 2020: A Viral TikTok Song and Lyrics Explained And All İnformation

Road Beat’s Low Key Fk 2020, is the latest melody to become renowned through TikTok, the video-sharing stage has gotten infamous for setting patterns like ‘Help The Bear’ pattern, which took a free-form rap over 8 years of age and made it a pattern.

On account of Low Key Fk 2020, the melody was discharged in 2020 and is about the current circumstance of the entire world. The band behind the tune is Avenue Beat, who have become for the time being stars because of the ubiquity of the melody.


What Is Low Key Fk 2020 TikTok Song All About?

As referenced over, the melody is by the band nation trio Avenue Beat. They discharged this melody as a tribute to 2020, or rather how amazingly and calamitously awful the year has been.

The verses are a despairing glance back at how the year made everybody cheerful except got one of the most noticeably terrible years in ongoing memory. The band has ventured to incorporate significant world-shaking occasions like the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Another Viral TikTok Sensation

TikTokers have made the tune viral y utilizing it in their recordings. the tune has likewise been utilized by the makers under ‘lowkey fk 2020 road beat’. Starting at July 6, 2020, in excess of 2860 recordings have been transferred to the tune’s music page on TikTok.

Essentially, the specialists behind the first melody have additionally turned into a web sensation, they accumulated in excess of 4 million perspectives in 12 hrs.


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umm excuse me 4 MILLION VIEWS IN HALF A DAY ??¿! tik tok was sent from the gods 2 help avenue beat lolol .. should we drop it ??? • update: DELETED BY TIKTOK @ 4.5 MIL. RIPPPPPPP 🥺 legit… fCKKK 2020 lol theIRONNNY • update to the update: ITS BACK UPPP THE TIK TOK GODS HAVE SPARED US lol ✨🙌🏽

Avenue Beat (@avenuebeat)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

On TikTok, Avenue Beat’s unique record has accumulated in excess of 3 million preferences.

Low Key Fk 2020’s Lyrics Are Appropriate For The Year

This year (2020) has been one of the most noticeably awful years as of late for mankind, every month has given us another practically world-closure danger with the COVID-19 pandemic being the delegated gem of them.

Road Beat has utilized these occasions and how it has made us hopeless as the topic for the melody.

Lyrics Breakdown

The verses of the tune start off like our expectations for 2020 did. After the cheerful introduction informing us regarding December 31st, 2019, the melody accepts a correct turn as the verses express the stun and disillusionment that came extremely close to 2020.

At that point, the third lines educate us concerning how the vocalist’s feline passed on and a worldwide pandemic shook everybody around a similar time. So also, the specialists poke a fun at the music that they put out and no one preferred it during the early months of the year.

Road Beat utilized a quite relatable line for the chorale, one that we have said to ourselves many occasions through the span of the year. The tune goes: “Lowkey F**k 2020”.

Proceeding with the topic of ‘2020 loathe’ the lines state “Can We Just Get To 2021″ and the tune rehashes.

Lowkey Fk 2020 Lyrics

“December 31st, I grabbed a beer
Threw it up, said 2020 is my year, b*thces
And I honestly thought that was true 
Until I gave this m*therfucker a month or two
This is getting ridiculous at this point
Yo, my cat died
And a global pandemic took over my life
And I put out some music that nobody liked
So I got really sad and bored at the same time
That’s why I’m like  
Lowkey f*ck 2020
Still sad, still ain’t got no money
I ain’t got a watch up on my wrist
I just got some shit to fix
Yo, Lowkey F**k 2020
Lowkey f*ck 2020″

Here is a lyric video to the song

Who Are Avenue Beat? Members

The makers behind the viral tune are a blue grass music bunch named Avenue Beat. Sami Bearden, Savana Santos, and Sam Backoff are the gathering individuals.

Road Beat work initially from Nashville, Tennessee.