Kris Jenner Becomes A New Meme, What Does krissed Mean On Tiktok?

After the pattern “krissed” circulated around the web on TikTok, many individuals overall are anticipating knowing its significance.

Large number of individuals have been ‘Krissed’ by a video of Kris Jenner moving to Lady Marmalade on TikTok. TikTok has become one of the extremely well known web-based entertainment stages as of late.

You could have seen a few people looking at being ‘Krissed’ on the off chance that you invested energy in TikTok as of late.

“You Just Got Krissed,” a well known TikTok frenzy, may have begun after some TikTok clients transferred a video, and others seem to have followed it.

What Is krissed Meaning On Tiktok? Numerous clients have been confounded by the “Krissed” pattern, however apparently it began from a Kris Jenner video.At the point when somebody posts ‘Krissed’ on TikTok, it normally implies that a video they were watching finished with film of Kris Jenner moving to the well known tune ‘Woman Marmalade.’

A decade prior, the video originally posted on the YouTube channel shows the Jenner family moving to the notable melody. Clients have been posting it toward the finish of recordings with counterfeit stories to draw in others, alongside a subtitle like “you just got Krissed.”

Kris Jenner Meme Trend Kichi Ga Cha, Kris Jenner’s short altered moving video with sound, has gotten a ton of preferences and remarks.

As the image has filled in fame, recordings highlighting it have piled up great many perspectives, with certain adherents’ For You Pages being taken over by the pattern.

@user876253848 fr #foryoupage #krissed ♬ original sound – Kardashians

The frenzy began when Tiktokers started posting the video, trailed by the Kris video of hitting the dance floor with the caption”you just been krissed.”

krissed Urban Dictionary Definition In Urban Dictionary, the word Krissed signifies “fresh,” “great,” or “fantastic,” but it has an alternate implication in the film.

Krissed proposes being deceived or tricked in light of the recordings that have been transferred hitherto.

Krissed’s starting points are right now obscure. The meaning of “krissed” is as yet being explored.

We were unable to sort out where the melody came from on the grounds that each and every video on TikTok closes with “You Just Got Krissed.” However, we accept everything began with the Kardashians.