TikTok: She Got Hips I Got A Grip For Song and Lyrics Explained Keep Watching

She Got Hips I Got A Grip is the tune pattern for TikTok in June-July 2020. TikTok and patterns are practically equivalent these days. Also, there is a global intrigue to the patterns set by TikTokers.

The melody and the TikToks caused utilizing it to have accumulated a great many perspectives and preferences on the stage. Individuals have begun utilizing the melody to make their own ‘TKN challenge’ recordings. Become familiar with the pattern and the first craftsman underneath.

What Is The She Got Hips I Got A Grip TikTok Trend?

She got hips, I gotta grasp for is a move challenge and video pattern on TikTok which picked up footing in June – July 2020. The melody has been utilized by a huge number of makers who move to the tune in their own one of a kind style.

The absolute most well known TikToks that utilization this melody are the ones by Azz-iad. Her video has earned over 54.8k preferences on the stage.

@jordynjoneshe’s so cute 🥺 plz tag whoever made this dance 💘 ##foryou

♬ TKN – ROSALÍA & Travis Scott

Essentially, another well known TikToker named _rexxie has distributed a video utilizing the melody on her official record. The star has engaged her 150k + devotees with the melody.

The video has likewise crossed more than 31.5k likes and has amassed a huge number of perspectives on the stage

The first melody has been utilized in more than 1.1 million recordings. A video utilizing the melody by charlidamelio. Her video has been seen more than 83.6 multiple times starting at July 2020 and she has accumulated in excess of 8 million preferences.

Charli has more than 5 billion preferences on her TikToks and furthermore has more than 70.7 million devotees.

The tag ‘tknchallenge’ has additionally gotten more than 53.3 million perspectives. Probably the greatest makers on the stage have discharged recordings utilizing the tune and have taken the TKN challenge.

Whose Song Is ‘She Got Hips I Gotta Grip For’?

The melody was discharged by Travis Scott and Rosalía. The tune turned out in 2020. The tune was a juggernaut hit for the pair.

This isn’t the first occasion when that the craftsmen have teamed up. It was first transferred to YouTube on May 28, 2020. From that point forward the official video has assembled in excess of 58 million perspectives.

@mackenziezieglerHAHAHA BOOTS WASNT READY🥴 also maddie didn’t wanna throw it back TAG DC♬ TKN – ROSALÍA & Travis Scott

What Do The Lyrics Of The Song Mean?

The first melody is in Spanish and is basically about fornication. The Travis Scott parts are in English be that as it may and he sings about a girl’s, for absence of a superior word, posterior.

Scott’s lyrics on the primarily Spanish song go

“She got hips I gotta grip for
A lot of a*s, don’t need to have more
I know it’s sweet, I like that
I got word that it’s wet, well, let’s drown
Toot it up, back it up, slap it down
Don’t say a word of what you heard, from when I came around
You’ll get it first, you get this work right when you come in town”

Scott is basically applauding a young lady’s backside. The Spanish verses can be inexactly interpreted as well, here is an interpretation by Billboard.

The Spanish parts are singing about how the artist doesn’t care to make new companions and doesn’t meddle in others’ business. The ensemble is the title rehashed multiple times and afterward the line “No new companions, no new injuries”.

Rosalía likewise raps about how she and Travis are slaughtering it with their refrains, one of the lines is “My order is hard, explosive” adulating her order on spitting bars.

The verses are rapped over a urban and infectious beat which is mark to Rosalía and Travis Scott’s tunes as of late.