What Is Blue P Meaning On TikTok? Viral Trend Explained

The American Rappers Gunna and Future including. Youthful Thug delivered their tune Pushin P on January 13. Soon after its delivery, the blue P turned into a viral pattern on TikTok.

Since the blue P has various implications in light of circumstances, a large number of us are as yet befuddled with respect exactly. Anyway, how treats mean? Furthermore how could it advance as a viral pattern on TikTok? Realize about it in the article underneath.


What Is Blue P Meaning On TikTok? During an episode of the Breakfast Club, Gunna clarified that P represents Player, at the same time, by and large, it is a positive term that means to keep it genuine.

Further, he showed his work to clarify the term in an Instagram Live stream by saying, “You see a woman at the entryway, you keep the door open for the woman brother, that is P. We pushing P, you feel me? I ain’t all that extreme, contending with my accomplice about no cash like, we ain’t going this way and that. That ain’t P.”

Pushin P Viral Trend Explained Both the tune and the term Pushin P have similarly become viral via web-based media. The pattern has advanced toward turned into a few silly images. Individuals are utilizing the #pushinP to clarify how they utilize the term.

As clients label Gunna on their recordings, he answers to the post to grade how precisely they utilize the term. Actually look at Urban Dictionary As per the Urban word reference, as a rule Pushing P implies pushing the way of life of a player, a genuine one.

A few alternate ways individuals use it is by saying Keep it “Player.” It is a shoptalk word made well known by Gunna and is generally like “keeping it player”, which is the place where somebody stays consistent with themself and acts in an OK way.The artist  has additionally clarified the term on his Twitter, making a few conditions and utilizing it there.