What Is Gawk Gawk 3000 TikTok? Meme and Urban Dictionary Meaning

“Gluck” or “gluck Gawk 3000” alludes to a particular procedure and typical statement and the subject of various web images. Gape Gwak normally shows up as an articulation on TikTok and by and large in Gen Z shoptalk, despite the fact that as an image, it commonly appears as a picture full scale or copypasta. Who concocted the expression initially is presently a secret.

What Is Gawk 3000 TikTok? During a mouth intercourse, one hand at the foundation of phallus thus strongly that a vacuum seal is made. The individual doing so then, at that point, begins to wind their wrist two times while relaxing. Turning all over, counterclockwise and clockwise, individually.


The articulation approximates the sound the speaker’s mouth makes while playing out the predetermined action during the association.

As per Google search information, the word will turn out to be substantially more predominant beginning in mid 2020. Picture macros originally showed up on various Instagram image sharing pages during this time.

In 2021, the expression likewise surfaced and wound up turning into a characterizing component of a Call Her Daddy digital recording episode. Around the site, different TikTok patterns that middle on the gape stare humor intermittently happen also.

Gwak 3000 Meme and Urban Dictionary Meaning Ogle Gawk, some of the time alluded to as Gawk 3000/5000/9000, is a conversational expression for fellatio that is normally utilized exaggeratedly for comic impact.

It alludes to the activity that happens when the phallus strikes the pharynx, shutting off the aviation route and creating the discernible sound “ogle.” The expression has been utilized to portray a go about as a component of a long series of modifiers to make it sound noteworthy since it was first utilized online in around 2017.

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On August 23, 2017, the Twitter client @KingMiller utilized the expression “Stare GAWK” concerning the cycle interestingly, utilizing a DJ Khaled video to feature the go about as something that the image’s creator apparently significantly appreciates.

The expression was added to Urban Dictionary a year after the fact, on March 12, 2018, and was remembered for the combo expression “vacuum seal twofold hand wind ogle stare combo 3000,” which would thusly turn into the dominating strategy the shoptalk term would be utilized.

On January 27, 2020, Redditor setherson25 presented an image on the/r/BrandNewSentence subreddit that included a picture of Goku battling Freiza and an assertion about somebody attempting to endure a “Vacuum seal triple-twofold hand curve stare gape combo 3000.” (displayed underneath).

The TikToker 1summerofficial posted a TikTok on January 11, 2021, in which they drew the impacts of a Gawk 3000, in which the person is left experiencing a seizure on the bed. This TikTok got more than 465,000 preferences in a year.